Friday, June 14, 2013

New Facebook Page

Everyone is on Facebook. Really. Everyone I know. I could have just gone back to my old page, but I wanted the new one to be about my writing because it's the reason I went back to it. So if you're here because you're interested in my writing, then you can check out my Facebook page, where announcements of sorts (especially related to giveways and such when that time comes) will be. I'm just Patti Korbet Author on good ol' Facebook. And with any luck, I won't get too bogged down by the insanity of having a huge family on a social networking site when my aim isn't to keep in touch with family but to get my writing out there. I mean, I can't hide from them. I won't hide from them. But Lord, help me if my new page turns into what my old one did. I can only hope that the lovely people at Facebook found a way to filter all that stuff easier. They did, right? Right? Please tell me they did.

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