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Cover Reveal - Sammie Sidelinger's INHERITED THORNS


Inherited Thorns  

Book One in The Empathetic Enchantments Series

(None of this has been edited yet. It is for cover reveal purposes only) 

A little note from Sammie

 I just wanted to thank Katrina Henderson who is my cover artist and also my cousin. She went way out of her comfort zone for me and did my cover because she loves me. I wanted to honor what a terrific artist she is by sharing her work with everyone.

Back Cover Blurb

 Acer Randall took off from reality on his motorcycle, wind in his hair, without looking back. In an attempt to get his head put back on his shoulders right, after learning he has a life-long cross to bear for the rest of his existence, Acer attempted to shake the self-image he'd always been proud of.
 Due to this dark, family secret, he thinks he'll never have a chance to father children or have a real future. He would never put another person through the hell he lives daily. There had always been talk of the beast residing in the deep back woods in Maine. Growing up, Acer had no idea that the curse the town folk talked of was the same one that flowed through his very own veins.
 After attempting to take his own life several times, he decided to run with a pack of warlocks as the enforcer for several years to get away from his family and the truth he doesn't want to face.
 While on the road home with only one assignment to finish, Acer runs into trouble her name's Haven and she's the only thing he has ever wanted that he couldn't have. He finds himself in a situation where he could look at the future with the woman his body remembers and desires. Nonetheless, she is going to kill him... Now the one time he doesn't want to run away from life, he needs to stay on the move as he stands to lose it all. Nevertheless who wants to live without what the soul wants?


Life amongst my people on our Native American reservation felt natural. Outside of the reservation I had the uncanny ability to stand out from anyone you had ever met. My dark brown hair and gray eyes were a huge contrast to one another.

Hell, I couldn't even grasp the concept that I rupture out of my body morphing into a bizarre freak of nature and transition back into being a man. My ancestor's curse on my dad's side of the family stems from generations ago. Single handedly my life was fucked up and the quality of it by the worst type of hex's, causing the mutation in our lineage. The ones cast from broken love couldn't be broken or suppressed by anything except the source.

Cursed, each generation, morphed into unappealing monsters covered in long profuse fur, reminiscent of your favorite cat Patches. My eyes now glimmered and shifted wildly from grey to a smoldering silver mercury color. Branded by tribal wings that appeared like tattoos trailed down my back, one wing for each attempt to terminate my own life. Hideous and branded for everyone to recognize my sins, my weakness and my fuck ups.

I determined after my second failed attempt; and woke up to my grieving family. No matter how much pain I experienced, I would suffer through the cruelty of life and suck it the fuck up every miserable day. My family would in no way ever agonize because of me and my stupidity again if I could help it. Nonetheless, I felt broken and soiled by the transformation, that caused me to appear as an enormous disgusting beast proved to be the entire reason I attempted suicide besides taking my best friends youth. I fought to keep my emotion in check. One day at a time becoming more of an asshole that I'd grown to despise further daily.
Anguish and incomprehensible turmoil consumed my being. Each thump of my heart reminded me I'd been, in spite of everything, alive. Breathing nonetheless that being the most anyone could expect from me. My prayers every day were for the Gods to terminate me. A tortured soul, unworthy of a life. Labored breaths came to me one at a time. Alive once again. "Why did they bring me back from death again? They should have saved someone who deserved to live, who wanted to."
I felt the pain of everyone around me as if the grief and torture belonged to me personally. Life felt as though my inherited gift was thorns that shredded the essence of my soul one empathetic sensitivity at a time. To see people for who they truly were, for yet another day was part of my gift. The viciousness that lies within people is apparent to me. Not only through feeling their emotions but part of my ability is that I can see the ugliness of their soul as bubbling black tar on their flesh. I instantly know if a person is as shitty on the inside as they are on the outside. They can't deny the ugliness from me and they can't cover that shit up. No amount of makeup could hide the ugliness a soul radiates or in few the beauty.
Two nurses in my room whispered as they took my vitals and kept the pain meds dripping into my iv. I hadn't even opened my eyes yet from my latest attempt. My ability hadn't left me, I could tell you so much about either of the nurses from being in my presence for only three minutes.

Inherited Thorns

About The Cover Artist

Artist Katrina Henderson
Katrina Henderson is a digital and traditional artist. She attended Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts and graduated class of 2005. She received a Bachelor's of Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design. After graduating, she chose to start a family with her wonderful husband. They have been married for eleven years and have three children.

Roughly eight years ago, she discovered digital painting online through a website called DeviantArt and was hooked ever since. After that, she searched for online tutorials and guides to start her journey of being a "self-taught digital artist". Even though she primarily works in digital, Katrina still enjoys creating paintings and drawings with traditional mediums including charcoal, graphite pencils, colored pencils, and Acrylic paints.

As of late, Katrina has been trying to get back to her roots and use more traditional mediums over digital. She plans to continue pushing herself outside of her comfort zone and striving to become even better with hard work, dedication, and lots of creativity.

To check out more of Katrina's fantastic work: https://www.facebook.com/AutumnSkies?ref=hl "

DeviantArt " http://ooautumnskiesoo.deviantart.com/ "

About The Author

Sammie Sidelinger
            Sammie Sidelinger lives in the seasonal coastal state of Maine with her three amazing boys and her sweetheart she fell in love with while in middle school. Yes, in this instance the bad boy did work out for this girl next door. They are thrilled to raise their three handsome children in the place where if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes it will change. Sammie tries to look at life the same way as she does the weather. Nothing is permanent including work which she fortunately or as some may think, unfortunately found out, allowing her the time to follow her dreams. Her love for the supernatural and the stories passed through generations has encouraged her obsession with the paranormal to move forward with her writing. She feels like creativity sparks the flow of her blood stream, spilling her essence onto paper to share with others. When she isn't writing to purge her deep emotions you can find her spending time with her energetic young family (who embraces and encourages her level of crazy) or cuddled up devouring books. She would love to hear from readers and share their mutual love of the written word.

Facebook Page: Sammie Sidelinger

Honesty About Books Facebook page: Honesty About Books

Blog: Honesty About Books Blog

Pinterest: Sammie Pinterest

Twitter: Sammie on Twitter

Sammie Sidelinger's Books on Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Sammiesidelingersbooks/

Cover Reveal - Clarissa Wild's FILTHY (Fierce #3)


TITLE: Filthy (Fierce, #3)

AUTHOR: Clarissa Wild

RELEASE DATE: October 7th


Take what you want. Claim it. Own it. Never let go.

Playboy Jaret Paxon has no pride. He’s filthy as fuck, and he doesn’t care. He’s got it all… Expensive cars, a luxurious home, and a killer smile. Flirting with girls at local clubs, his money gets him whatever he desires. Tight pussy around hungry cock. Night after night. Life is good.

Except it’s all a lie.

Wealth. Love. A family. Education. None of it is real. Jaret’s life is broken. Fucking makes him forget.

Until Lin, the only girl who understood him, stumbles back into his life. One kiss rekindles the sparks from long ago. Jaret wants her back, but he’s not the only one who screwed up. Dating the wrong guy got Lin into trouble. Now that Jaret’s in the middle, someone’s out for blood.

Lies turn into shame. Shame becomes pride. And when Jaret’s proud of something, he won’t let go without a fight.

Filthy is a novella in the Fierce series, featuring Jaret's story. Stand Alone. No Cliffhanger. Complete at 16500 Words.

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/2940046250862

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=HBxMBAAAQBAJ

kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/filthy-new-adult-romance-3-fierce-series



Fight (Fierce #0.5)

Mocked. Scolded. Smeared. Betrayed. 

From an early age, shy nerd girl Autumn Blakewood didn't know how to fend for herself. Teased and bullied her whole life, she's withdrawing more and more. Not even her broken family can help her get through high school.

Her only friends, Brody and Evie, are both social recluses too, and they seek comfort in each other's support. However, Autumn's friends can't always protect her from her malicious classmates who seem set on destroying what's left of her heart.
When Autumn thinks her life can't get any worse, devastating news rips her family apart. It's up to her to pick up the pieces of her life and find a way to fix everything. Will she find the courage to fight?

Fight is a short story prelude to the Fierce series and contains about 8500 words

Fierce (Fierce #1)

Fight for your dreams. Fight for your life. Fight for love. 

Nerdy girl Autumn Blakewood is the prime example of a goody two-shoes. She studies every night, is never late for class, and always follows the rules. She has never felt the need to step out of her comfort zone. That is, until she meets Hunter.

Hunter Bane is a cocky, confident bad-boy, who's nothing but trouble. He’s a dangerous distraction to everyone around him. Sexy and strong, Hunter enjoys the swooning effect he has on women. Especially those who aren't used to attention, like Autumn.

Autumn finds it hard not to give into Hunter’s advances, even though it all seems like a game to him. Trying to understand him is impossible, because he shrouds himself in mystery.
What she doesn't know is that Hunter has more baggage than anyone should have to carry. When she discovers he's in an illegal frat club to save the one person that matters to him, Autumn realizes this could mean the end of her undeniable connection to him. Even their lives are at risk.
But it's too late to turn back now ...

Would you risk everything for love?

Life has held nothing but hardships for Hunter Bane. Growing up with a learning disability wasn’t easy, especially when you’re poor. With only his brother to support him, Hunter clings to the short moments of happiness in life. Like when he meets Autumn Blakewood.

Autumn Blakewood is a geek at heart. Reading is her passion, and she can’t spend one day without her books. She’s always locked up in her room studying, trying to avoid trouble. Until Hunter comes into her life.

Hunter can’t resist the temptation to get closer to Autumn. She is his complete opposite, and yet he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. But when his brother is caught dealing drugs and sent to prison, Hunter’s world shatters.
To save his brother, Hunter has to join the gang he’s feared his entire life. Now he’s forced to choose between his family and the one girl he loves. Fighting for both, his fury is all he needs…

When trust is challenged and desire takes control, is love enough to conquer fear?

When geeky book nerd Autumn Blakewood falls for the cocky, confident fighter Hunter Bane she knows she’s in for life. Their undeniable connection, fueled by the desire to protect, grows stronger every passing second. However, the need to feel cherished threatens her college graduation, family bonds, and future, tearing her apart, but she won’t give up on Hunter so easily …

After he was abandoned by his family, Hunter Bane struggles to cope with daily life. Having a learning disability turns every task into a challenge. With his brother now free, Hunter feels the pressure to succeed and take care of the people he loves, forcing him to choose between college and a job. Hunter’s devotion to Autumn keeps him on the right path. His infatuation with her turns lust into passion, drawing out his alpha tendencies. But with affection comes admission, putting a strain on their relationship as secrets are exposed and unforeseen circumstances spiral out of control.

Being complete opposites, their love is flaming hot, but it burns away all inhibitions, unveiling the fears that were locked deep inside. As past and present collide, difficult choices must be made. Can Autumn and Hunter’s love survive this ultimate test?



Clarissa Wild is the USA Today Bestselling author of FIERCE, a college romance series. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, the Doing It Series and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.


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COVER REVEAL - Do You Believe in Magic? by Susan Squires


It's A Brand New Cover For:


TITLE – Do You Believe In Magic SERIES – The Magic Series AUTHOR – Susan Squires GENRE – Contemporary PNR PUBLICATION DATE – April 7, 2012 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 302 PUBLISHER – Indie


Tristram Tremaine has never fit in with his large and boisterous family. They believe they carry a magic gene that comes alive only when they fall in love with another who carries that gene. After disappointing his parents one too many times, Tris, the bad-boy brother, hits the road on his cycle, drifting away from his destiny.

That is, until he meets Maggie O'Brian, a spit-fire rodeo rider with a strange ability to calm wild horses. Maggie lives on the road too, avoiding relationships. Her mother left her, the boy she loved left her, even her dog left her. The last thing she wants in a man is a tomcat with “love ‘em and leave ‘em” written all over him.
But the connection between Tris and Maggie is instantaneous. After a mysterious accident nearly kills Tris, he and Maggie must learn to believe in their destiny and each other to stay one step ahead of those who will do anything to prevent them from claiming it.




The sickening crunch of metal was audible even over her Ford’s squealing brakes. Two objects flew almost over her hood in an arc of spokes and.…
Oh, God. The other flying object had a helmet on. Her truck swerved as she struggled with control. The big rig’s engine roared to life and it barreled away into the night. The semi driver must have felt the impact. The smell of burning rubber and brake lining filled her nostrils. Her chest hit the steering wheel as her truck screeched to a stop.
For a long minute she just sat there, trying to get her breath. Her sternum hurt. But it was kind of a vague feeling. The highway was empty. The semi was only fading red taillights in the distance. Her breath came fast and uneven. How had she not seen that truck? And why didn’t the driver stop to help? Help.…
The guy on the motorcycle.… Nobody could have lived through that. Could they?
What to do? No cell coverage out here. She craned around to check the highway. No lights in either direction. Oh, boy. She was going to have to get out and look for the rider. Hands shaking, she pulled her rig slowly off to the shoulder. She swallowed past a lump in her throat and got out of the cab into the cool air of the high desert night. She had to steady herself with a palm on the side of her Ford. Her knees were wobbly. She took a couple of panicky breaths.
Get hold of yourself. You weren’t the one hit, for God’s sake. She leaned back into her truck and popped the glove compartment. The flashlight felt solid in her hand. She flipped it on and began walking back, swinging the beam. It wouldn’t be him. It couldn’t.
Low moaning drifted up toward her. She swallowed. Moaning is good. At least the rider isn’t dead. She cast her light down the shallow embankment. It caught a twisted mass of black and silver metal. The cycle’s front wheel was canted at the wrong angle. It spun almost silently.
She stalked ahead, determined to be angry at being put in this situation, not weak or timid. She really, really didn’t want to see what that lump was in the sagebrush just beyond the bike. The flashlight stuttered over leather, helmet, jeans, boots. Uh-oh. One leg had an odd angle in it.
I won’t think about that. She breathed in and out through her mouth and stumbled over the edge of the asphalt, sliding down the sandy dirt. As she got closer, she quit fighting her instincts. It would be her beautiful biker guy. She knew it. She shone her light onto the figure.
Did I have to be right? He blinked against the light, the green of his eyes startling. They were swimming right now. He raised one hand ineffectually to block—what? Her? Did he think she was the one who’d hit him and was coming to finish the job? One leg was clearly bent at an unnatural angle below the knee. Was that something white poking out of his jeans? Bad. Very, very bad. She battled her rising gorge. Damn it, Maggie! You’re strong. Anger helped. Damn the asshole driver of that big rig. And damn her motorcycle guy for being in this situation.
His cheek was scraped. Blood dripped toward his jawline. Lip split, chin scraped too. “It’s Maggie,” she said stupidly. “That truck hit you.” Understatement of the year.
Of course he’d hit his head with a fall like that. Probably just as well he didn’t remember. She pushed through sagebrush and knelt in the dirt. This close she could smell the rich, metallic scent of blood. “You … you need an ambulance. I’ll … I’ll.…” What? What could she do?
“You, uh, you feel any pain in your back or your neck?”
“Just …” His voice was a croak. He cleared his throat and started again. “Just the leg.”
“Well, at least you can feel your extremities. Could be worse.” Better to make light of it. “Let’s get this helmet off.” She released the chinstrap and gently lifted the helmet. “That okay?”
“Yeah,” he whispered. His eyes closed slowly and reopened, as if he couldn’t quite get it together to blink.
She tossed the helmet behind her. “Look, I can go for an ambulance. I figure you’re only alone out here for a little over an hour. Maybe three hours total to get you to the ER. Or …” She almost couldn’t offer it. “If we can get you into the truck, I can take you. Maybe an hour and fifteen total to the ER at Washoe Med.” She shrugged helplessly.
“Gee, what should I choose?” he said, lips tight. He seemed more aware now.
“We could screw you up worse trying to get you into my truck.” Truth in advertising.
“In ten minutes I’ll start to feel this,” he said through gritted teeth. “I don’t wanna be alone. Call me chicken.”
“I wouldn’t call you that.” He must know how painful getting to the truck would be. She looked up to the road. How the hell would she get him up the embankment? “Okay. How about I get my loading ramp? You roll on it and I drag you up the embankment?”
“You got a horse in that trailer to pull it? I’m six-four, two twenty-five. Plus the ramp.”
“You could push with your good leg,” she said doubtfully.
He rolled his eyes to her. “You’re what, a hundred pounds?”
“A hundred and ten, all muscle.” Well, a hundred and six. That rounded up to ten.
“Get real.” In the baleful glare of the flashlight his pale, sweating face looked green. “I can hop if you can get me up.”
That would hurt like hell. “Your funeral.” Not the best metaphor. “Let me get the truck.” She scrambled up the bank, trying not to think too far ahead, and ran for her truck, fumbled with the keys, and backed it up to where the cycle had gone over the edge.
As she slid down the bank again she could see that he’d pushed himself up on one arm. His other arm hung limp from his shoulder. Not good. He hung his head. “Go away,” he rasped. Then he vomited into the dirt. She turned away lest her own stomach rebel in sympathy. Poor guy couldn’t even wipe his mouth with one arm out of action. She stripped off the flannel shirt she wore over her tee and knelt beside him.
He turned his head away, but she cupped his cheek to pull him back around. The jolt that shot through her was like she’d touched a battery cable. Well, not quite. The charge was definitely sexual. What the hell was that? Slow down, girl. You’re kneeling in the dirt next to an injured guy who just lost it all over the desert. Not exactly sexy. She set her lips and wiped his mouth and then used the other sleeve to wipe the sheen of sweat from his forehead.
“We’d best get to it,” he gasped.
She surveyed the situation. Okay. Damaged shoulder was on the opposite side of the broken leg. Don’t think about how much this is going to hurt him.


Susan Squires grew up among the giant redwoods of California. She thought she was being practical by changing her major in college from theater to English literature. Immersed in a PhD. Program, she slowly realized that none of her graduating friends had work. So she dropped out after receiving a Master’s degree to take a paying job in the business world.

As an executive in a Fortune 500 company, she returned to her love of writing while continuing to hold her day-job, much to the amusement of her fellow executives. Her novel Danegeld, had already been purchased by Dorchester by the time she accepted a Golden Heart for Best Unpublished Paranormal Manuscript from Romance Writers of America. It was the first of an eclectic group of historical and contemporary paranormal stories known for their intensity. Body Electric was named by Publishers Weekly one of the ten most influential paperbacks of 2002, for blending romance and science-fiction. Book List compared No More Lies to the works of Robin Cook and Michael Crichton, but it was also a Rita finalist for Best Published Paranormal Romance by Romance Writers of America.

Susan’s Companion Series for St. Martin’s Press, continued to garner attention with admiring reviews and several visits to the New York Times Bestseller List. Publishers Weekly named One with the Shadows a Best Book of the Year, and several of the series received starred reviews. Her books have won the many regional contests for published works of paranormal romantic fiction.

Susan no longer has to use tales of romance and adventure to escape budgets and projects. She finally left her day job, and researches and writes her books at the beach in Southern California, supported by three Belgian Sheepdogs and a wonderful husband named Harry who writes occult mysteries as H.R. Knight.




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Another Milestone on the Horizon

Just under two weeks ago, I hit a big milestone. A year ago, I was chewing my nails and editing frantically, trying to make the goal of getting Back to December out to the world on August 5th. I say that I was birthing my third child (not to be confused with the large, Alpha man who lives with me), my self-publishing career. The metaphor, it turns out, extends beyond just the birthing stage. Much like having a human baby, a writing career goes through changes. Just as it was with my children, the last year brought so many things into my life, some of which I could not have expected. I took a marketing class last fall that helped me focus on my goals. Now that we're at the 1-year mark, it will be interesting to see how my goals compared to reality.

I've made new writer friends, many of whom have been instrumental in growing my brand and helping me improve as a writer. This happened in a variety of ways. Some, like Marie Hall, Brenda Rothert and Minx Malone, I friended on Facebook and followed on Twitter just because I loved their work. They have all given me great advice and in turn, I've done my best to help spread the word about their talent.

Others, like Bethany Averie (who has become a great friend) and Danael McGuire, I actually met through Marie's Facebook page. Danael, in turn, brought me on board a group that connects authors and reviewers. Through that I met some really wonderful people: Ella Medler, who gave me the best review I've ever had (I swear, I will get to your books!); Rene Folsom, who has taught me so much about graphic design (she's an extremely talented graphic artist as well as a great writer!); and up-and-coming author, Avery Hale, who impressed me with her debut novel and has a similar work ethic to my own. Rene introduced me to amazing writer SL Dearing, who is also a fantastic maker of book swag. I found Clarissa Wild via one of the first book blogs I followed on Facebook, and we've been helping each other grow ever since.

I also met my superfan, Mandy through Marie's page, and I met another new fan, Connie, through the reviewers group. And just like that, networking expands, the brand grows, fans are found and they help spread the word. One day, you have a personal Facebook page and you realize you need a professional page instead. The ten followers who are family turn to fifty and before you know it, you've got 1,425 people who have liked your page. I've expanded this blog to encompass blog tours and reviews, cover reveals and promotion - all for other people. I've done blog takeovers on Facebook and held many giveaways on my page as well as in conjunction with others. And I now have a fan page - Christopher's Minions - where I'm rewarding the big fans with all the latest info first. Guerrilla marketing at its finest.

So, where are we at? My Ward Sisters series now has four books complete, and by the end of the month, I will be publishing a boxed set with all four of those books as well as some bonus content in the form of deleted scenes from each novel. I'll also include a teaser from my next book, Time to Begin - and not the one that appears in the back of This Year's Love.  Here's the cover for the boxed set - the 3D image with the 2D cover on the front.

In 2014, I'm hoping to get both Time to Begin (Ward Sisters, #5, launch date of September 15, 2014) and Just Realized (Ward Sisters, #6, tentatively Christmas 2014) published. When those are done, I'll launch my first spinoff series, Vega Brothers, probably next spring. Then, the pre-quel book in my other spinoff, Deacon Security, will come in the form of Ward Sisters, #7, Think of Me. That should take us through just about this time next year - I'm aiming for a book out every 3-4 months. My personal situation has changed, so we'll see how that impacts my writing - it may be that things move faster, it may mean they move slower. But, now you know my plans. If things change, I'll be sure to post an update.

The last bit I wanted to share is that I'm splitting the final book in Ward Sisters into two separate volumes. No, they will not be half as long. The decision has been made because I think that it best serves the story I was ultimately telling to break it into two pieces, as each segment is capable of sustaining a full-length novel by itself. I've said before that I didn't envision writing a his/hers story and telling the same tale in two separate books. This won't really be that, because the story of Dan Williams and Charlie Ward Williams is not one of just two people. Yes, I'll give you a major spoiler, this story will follow Dan and Charlie as their marriage hits a crater and that story will involve two other people you will have met earlier in the series. Currently, I plan to write the two stories together - I have been all along and will actually separate the parts that are Dan's point-of-view like a conjoined twin surgery. I'll publish them back-to-back and might offer them as a two-book set, at least initially.

Once I've launched Time to Begin, I'll have new cover material to show for the final two books, which will now be #9 and #10. The changes in how the story is being told means that what was originally the last book will still be that and will be Charlie Ward's story, book #10. I'm separating Dan's part of the story and calling that book #9. I've also decided that Better Be Home Soon isn't a good title for either of the final two stories now that I've split the narrative into two separate pieces, so when I do the cover reveals, I'll also be sharing the new story titles.

Thanks for taking this journey with me! I hope you'll stay on the ride!

Much love,

Patti Korbet

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REVIEW for Brenda Rothert's DRIVE


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Amazon/Goodreads rating: 5 out of 5 stars
In Patti's Imagination rating: 10 out of 10 stars

What can I say? Once again, Brenda has knocked it out of the park! I love hockey and her hockey romances always score big with me. I can't help it; I'm automatically inclined to give a Brenda Rothert story a minimum of 3 stars because I love her writing, and the FIRE ON ICE series is always hot, emotional and a page-turner. We started with Ryke (Bound, Captive), who was all sorts of wonderful and delicious. His love story with Kate was one of my favorites and he was a top book boyfriend. But then I met Luke Hudson (Edge), who easily usurped Ryke for hottest hockey player. Niko falls in between. I think he wins pitted against Ryke, but Luke is still my favorite. That doesn't mean I liked Niko's story less than Luke's. No, that's not true at all.

Niko is a sexy, Russian immigrant who meets Sadie at the wedding of Luke and Dell. She falls for his smoldering look, his accent and his charm straight away. That is, until she finds out that Niko is one of Ryke and Luke's hockey friends and was basically just trying to get in her pants. Yeah, she's not his fan after that, and who could blame her?

Flash forward a few months, and these two keep running into one another when Niko's career dreams are coming true with a call up to the majors to play for the same team as Ryke and Luke. He's drawn to Sadie like no one else, and despite his knowledge that she could be a real distraction to his career goals, he can't help but want to be around her. His need to provide for his family wars with his attraction to the smart, spunky, sarcastic brunette.

Sadie has her own issues. She's an orphan and has some pretty serious emotional baggage related to that. Did I mention that she's a serial dater and swears off men for sixty days as a journalism assignment right about the time she starts seeing Niko's true self shine through? Rock, meet hard place. It only gets crazier for both of them as time moves forward.

Honestly, I loved every bit of this story, but Niko the dirty boy was a huge plus. Every time I read a Brenda Rothert book, I think we channel a lot of the same wavelengths (and that is NOT a bad thing in my opinion!) Niko was no exception to that. I'm looking forward to Orion's book and as I mentioned to Brenda the other day, if not with Orion, I'd really love to see a story for Lauren the Puck Slut. You know she's not just that and has a story to tell. When you want more from an author and a series, there is no doubt that it's great. Easily another 5-star read!


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