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At In Patti's Imagination, we like to support the network of blogs, authors, and independent publishers who help spread diversity through our industry. We want to help aspiring authors make their dreams come true. If you're more comfortable with the traditional publishing route - versus 100% Indie/Self-published - here's an option for you to consider, from our friend, Ella Medler.



Paper Gold Publishing is a royalty-paying publisher with international reach, where the focus is on the author.


Click on the link to see what we do, and help us spread the word. We are now open for submissions.

While I've got your attention, I would also like to introduce PGP's first traditionally published author:




I first edited for Bruce in June 2012. All I can say is that he is an author of huge potential, and absolute master of the craft, and his books are a joy to read. You will not want to put them down. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Over the years, Bruce's writing has won him the Life Changing Read Award, and his books continue to wow fans of the fantasy genre. Today, When Shadows Fall, the first book in the Small Gods Series, has been made available on all Amazon sites and also on the Paper Gold Publishing website. As other links become available, I will return to post them below, so bookmark this article or visit the PGP website to keep in touch with the latest news.

Paper Gold Publishing link: Bruce Blake's page with links to his books and excerpts from the books. Scroll back up to the top or use the links above to check it out.

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Light Of Lorelai by Jen Minkman


Author: Jen Minkman
Series: Tales Of Skylge, Book #2
                                 Sound Of Sirens, Book #1  Amazon
Release Date: January 29, 2015


Aska wants more out of life than being a temple girl in the St. Brandan Convent of Brandaris. Her life-long service to the Baeles-Weards is the only reason she wasn’t killed immediately after birth – she is atoning for the sins of her parents. Her Anglian mother and Skylger father were never supposed to love each other and have children, and Aska is reminded of her low status and illegitimacy by her fellow temple girls every day.

But then she meets Tjalling, a young, mysterious, and charming Skylger fisherman who doesn’t seem to care that he is not supposed to befriend her. Soon after they meet, the island falls prey to the largest Siren attack in the history of Skylge and Aska is beginning to doubt the wisdom of the priests. If the Light in the Tower really keeps the people from harm, why are the Shriekers taking more and more lives each day?

Adding to her inner turmoil is a secret meeting with Royce and Enna, who want to recruit her into their resistance movement, an unexpected confession from her best friend Melinda, and Aska’s realization that she likes Tjalling a bit too much for her own good.

Soon, she is going down a road there is no turning back from, forcing her to make choices that shake the foundations of her world.
For Aska, there is only one true choice – to bring the truth to light.


Amazon Rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 10/10

After reading the first book all I wanted was to jump right into reading the next book. It was amazing and I finally got the chance to read the first book. I couldn't be happier to have gotten the chance to read it. I love the way the author kept the suspense until the last chapter. Waiting to see if they will make it get busted by everyone....It was fantastic and just worth reading. It's not a long story but very interesting and I couldn't unglue myself from the screen. 

If you decide to give these books a try you won't regret it because they are really amazing. Looking forward to reading next one. 



Jen Minkman (1978) was born in Holland, in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn. When she was 19, she moved between The Hague, Salzburg (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) and Cambridge (UK) to complete her studies in intercultural communication. She is currently a teacher of English and Dutch at a secondary school in The Hague, Holland. She tries to read at least 100 books a year (and write a few, too!). She is a published author in her own country, and translates her own books from Dutch into English for self-publication.
In her spare time, she plays the piano, the guitar and the violin. For every novel she writes, she creates a soundtrack. 

'I have always been drawn to writing. My first book was a sci-fi novel at the age of eight, which I painstakingly typed out on my dad's typewriter and illustrated myself. Nowadays, I stick to poetry, paranormal romance, chicklit and/or fantasy. In my home country, I am the first-ever published writer of paranormal romance, and I will gradually make my books also available in English (seeing I have to re-write and translate the books myself, this will take some time!).'

Author Links: Amazon Goodreads

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Without Me Ebook nook

Series: Men of Inked Author: Chelle Bliss Book Number: 5 - Final Book in the Series Character: Anthony Gallo Genre: Erotica, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Release Date: Late March/Early April 2015


I’d led a selfish existence. I liked who I was. Hell, I loved myself. Women threw themselves at me and I took what they offered without remorse. I promised them nothing. I sank my teeth into life, holding on to the bitch like my very existence depended on it. Time passed. Women came and went. The second I let my guard down and released the hold I had on life… What was my award for such carelessness? A love so spectacular and heart wrenching that it threw me for a loop. When I was in too deep to escape, my greatest fears became reality. This is my story. My downfall. My salvation.


 Without Me (Men of Inked, #5) 

Without Me Playlist


★★Click here to read the Prologue★★




USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss crafts stories about real-life scenarios with fantasy Alpha males. Her writing includes humor as well as steamy sex.


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Cover information: Photo by Eric Battershell Photography Cover Model - Thomas Yarborough Training Cover Design - MGBookCovers

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Best Laid Plans - Blast Banner


TITLE – The Best Laid Plans of Boys and Men SERIES – None AUTHOR – Anne Conley GENRE – Contemporary Romance PUBLICATION DATE – January 1, 2014 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 28,500 PUBLISHER – Anne Conley COVER ARTIST – James Price with AEP Book Covers


The Best Laid Plans of Boys and Men tells the story of the whirlwind May/December romance between Taylor and Alexander. While Taylor is completely caught off guard by Alexander’s maturity and the difference between him and every other boy she’s dated, Alexander’s busy trying to figure out how to tell her he’s the lawyer suing her pants off.

This is a standalone story of approximately 30 thousand words, not part of any of Anne Conley’s series.



Best Laid Plans - Teaser 1



Amazon/Goodreads rating: 4/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 8.5/10

This was my first Anne Conley story, and I really enjoyed it. So often, the older man/younger woman May/December romances are about the rich guy sweeping the poor girl off her feet, teaching her all the things about sex she never knew, etc. The Best Laid Plans of Boys and Men does not fall into that category. Yes, Alex has money, but he's not some billionaire, just a smart, talented lawyer. As for the sex in the story, the heat between these two characters is evident from the beginning, but the story is about far more than that. In fact, a big part of the story concerns Alex's guilt about his role in a lawsuit against Taylor. Alex can't justify violating his own ethical standards if his attraction to Taylor is purely physical (a decent guy? Say it isn't so!), but if he really feels something for her, then he's willing to do what it takes to be together. I loved the little twists here and there - nothing earth-shattering, but it gave the story depth. The secondary characters were interesting, but they didn't overwhelm the story - if I can see possible stories for them, then they did their job well. Overall, a great read, quick and I didn't really want to put it down. I'm looking forward to reading more from Anne Conley.



“Well, well, well…” Sandra’s gaze turned mischievous, and Taylor turned to see who had captured her attention. And promptly lost all ability to breathe. She was barely aware of Sandra’s muttered curses as she wiggled into the pocket of her jeans to extract the money, throwing it at Tess across the table.
Alexander had gone home to change as well. Gone was the suit and tie. A pair of jeans and a black button-down shirt graced his long, lean body. The shirt fit well over his broad shoulders, sleeves rolled up to expose tan, corded forearms.
“Holy…” She took a sip of her drink, sucking it down to the ice to cool the pooling warmth inside. Her heart was beating fast, slamming against her chest painfully. Taylor watched his gaze travel the crowded club before finding them seated along the edge in the curved booth. His arctic blue eyes flashed from searching to triumphant to predatory in an instant, and the pool of warmth spread through her core.
With each step closer, Taylor found less breathable air.
“Holy hell. That man can wear a pair of jeans like nobody’s business.” Sandra was in awe, and the thought crossed Taylor’s mind that he was closer to Sandra’s age than hers. She had no business starting something with him, anyway; maybe she should just fork him over.
Except his eyes never wavered from hers. As soon as he’d seen them, his gaze had latched onto hers, leaching inhibitions right and left. Her tongue snaked out and swept across her bottom lip, followed by her teeth, and she caught her hand fiddling with the neckline of her top. Subconscious signals flowed from her before she realized what she was doing.
She was glad to see him.
He flashed a grin at them before sliding into the booth next to Taylor, and she had a sudden understanding of the term panty-melting. His smile certainly did things to her insides that nobody else had managed to do. Ever.
His proximity was doing things too. He smelled clean and fresh, his woodsy aftershave wafting to her unencumbered by smells of permanent solution, hair dyes, and shampoo. His thigh brushed against hers, and tingles erupted in her stomach.
“Ladies,” he greeted them. Holding his hand out to shake the boy’s hand, he introduced himself, “Alexander.”
The guy, whose diatribe about his hair had trailed off with the women’s shift of focus, flashed a confident smile. “Lucas. Nice to meet you, man.” Taylor watched the handshake, both men’s hands white-knuckled with exerted pressure. She hid her smile behind her fingers. Lucas wrapped his arm possessively around Tess, who didn’t seem to mind much, and Alexander visibly relaxed.
Okay, so he wasn’t threatened by the attention to Tess. For some reason, that thought comforted Taylor, but not for long. His voice in her ear sent a whole slew of uncomfortable thoughts racing through her body.
“Can I crash girls’ night if I buy you ladies drinks?”
“Of course! I’ll have another margarita, Taylor needs another cranberry vodka, and Tess is drinking the draft bock.” Sandra had the hearing of a bat. Taylor had always been amazed at how well she could hear clients talking over the noise in the shop, and tonight was no exception.
When Alexander looked at her for confirmation, she nearly got lost in the pools of blue piercing her, offering a meek nod of acceptance. As he slid out of their booth with the grace of a cat, she felt a pang of loss at the sudden coolness that replaced his body heat.
She fanned herself absently, mentally chiding her body’s physical reaction.
“You gonna tap that?” Lucas was watching her, an amused look on his face.
“Excuse me?”
“That’s a manther if I’ve ever seen one.” He tossed back his beer in one motion and settled back with an excited gleam in his eyes.
Tess laughed uproariously, and Taylor couldn’t hide her confusion.
Sandra explained, “The male equivalent of a cougar is what he means.”
“How do you guys even know he’s here for me? You’re closer to his age. What if he’s here to pick you up?” she asked Sandra.
“He’s not, honey. I guarantee you.”
“Yeah, he looks like he wants to fuck you senseless,” Lucas added.
“Well, I wouldn’t have put it nearly that eloquently…” Alexander slid into the space next to Taylor, replacing the heat which had left with him. She watched him as a slight blush rose to his cheeks. Or was it a flame like the one tickling her insides right now? Or the one that was rippling across her own skin?
He held out a hand to her with two drinks in it, one hers, and one a clear amber liquid, presumably his. The way he cradled both glasses in his palms lent an intimacy to the glasses flush against each other. She took both and placed his on the table while he handed the others around. Those hands…
Grateful for the drink, she took a rather large sip, not wanting to see Alexander’s reaction to Lucas. Even though Lucas’s attention had been diverted to something Tess was whispering in his ear, Taylor still couldn’t look up enough to gauge anybody’s reaction.
Except Sandra’s, who loudly announced someone had to get up because she wanted to dance.
Alexander gracefully slid back out, holding out his hand to Taylor to help her. When she took it, his smooth fingers caressed her palm seductively as he lifted her out of the booth. The shudder wracking her body could not be suppressed. What was it about this guy? Nobody had ever made her body do these things, and she barely knew him.
An overwhelming desire to explore the attraction consumed her. Her eyes lifted to his, and once again, his crystalline blue gaze pierced her. She sipped on her drink, ignoring Sandra behind her and asked, “Do you want to dance?”
A rare uncertainty crossed his features, and Taylor thought it was cute. “I don’t really dance to this type of music,” he said, looking down at her. His gaze was focused on her lips, and she licked them nervously.
Setting down her drink, she took a deep breath and grabbed his hand. “It’s not hard, you just bounce with me.” Taylor wasn’t used to taking the lead with guys, certainly not guys like Alexander. He was so put together, so unlike any of the other guys she’d gone out with. In fact, it occurred to her, he wasn’t a guy. He was most definitely a man.
Carnal desire replaced the uncertainty on his face, and he tossed back his drink in one swallow. “Sounds heavenly.”

Sexy passion couple in neon lights on the disco 


My Mistake - Author PhotoAnne has written her entire life and has the boxes of angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it. She’s been writing for public consumption for the last four years. Currently she is writing two romance series. In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives in small town Texas in a contemporary romance setting. In The Four Winds, she chronicles God’s four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human. She lives in rural East Texas with her husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside her head.





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RELEASE and REVIEW: Chelle Bliss' UNCOVER ME (Men of Inked, #4)


Author: Chelle Bliss
Series: Men Of Inked #4
Published: January 13th 2015


I lost track of my life.
Spiraling down the rabbit hole, I lost myself and became one of them. Living undercover within the MC, the days bled together as I became absorbed in a life of excess and violence.
Becoming consumed was easy.
Was I Thomas Gallo, good guy and respected cop or Blue, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Sun Devils MC?
Before, I could answer with certainty. But now, there’s a darkness that has settled deep in my soul, fusing with my heart and altering my reality forever.
The road I’ve traveled has been paved with danger, death, and deception.
Roxanne grew up as part of the MC, a victim of her birth. Her life has been treacherous, setting her on a course of torment and destruction.
When our worlds collide, secrets are revealed. Trying to save us from damnation, I fight for redemption and the woman I love.


Amazon rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 10/10

Hmm. This is not an easy book to review mainly because I had some issues at the beginning of the book that made me think about reading further. I always loved Chelle's books, from the very first so going in a reading something that hit a spot for me was hard. I'm not going to get into details since it doesn't matter now.

I stuck through it and read the whole book in a couple of hours and even though I was blindsided in the beginning I was more than happy reading all through the rest of it. Thomas is amazing. Angel/Roxy was a great girl. I love this book even with all the sore spots this author touched. Simply amazing and can't wait to see more about Anthony and his pains in love.

Thank you for the book and looking forward to reading more of the wonderful Galo brothers!


Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   iTunes   Kobo


Chelle Bliss is a USA Today Best Selling Author. She's an avid reader; consuming contemporary romance, dark reads, and all things erotica.

Chelle loves to travel and currently lives in Florida.



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Shattered - Blitz Banner


TITLE – Shattered SERIES – Perfect Little Pieces (Book #2) AUTHOR – Ava Conway GENRE – New Adult Romance PUBLICATION DATE – 1/5/2015 PUBLISHER – Simon and Schuster

Shattered - Book Cover



For the first time in her life, Mia Horton isn’t afraid of the future. Equipped with a new major, a new internship, and a new life, she is finally able to put the past behind her—that is, until she meets Flynn McKenna. Flynn’s boyish charm and rugged good looks make her feel things she doesn’t want to feel, and shakes the foundations of her carefully constructed world. With Flynn, Mia craves things she knows she can never have, and wonders if she’ll ever be rid of the silent curse that seems to plague all of the women in her family.

Well on his way to being the youngest mixed martial arts champion in the world, Flynn uses fighting to provide for his impoverished family. Then, one day, an accident forces him to the sidelines. His failure to achieve success devastates his parents and starts a downward spiral of guilt and self-loathing that lands him at Newton Heights Mental Hospital. He has all but given up on life, until a gorgeous young intern makes him see that there is more to him than winning titles, and that love is the most valuable prize of all.

Shattered - Teaser 2



Amazon Rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 10/10

I'm in love with Flynn, I really am. This is the guy I would love to meet if he existed. Well, since he doesn't I can dream, can I?
Okay, I have to say this book had me hooked from the beginning to the end. I was waiting with my stomach tied up in knots to know more about this guy and what will happened to both of them. I like surprises in a book and I like it when the author makes it hard for me to see what will happen next, which she did. All through the book I was looking for another glimpse of Flynn and I couldn't wait till the end only to want to start it all over again so I could read it from the beginning.

So, needless to say I couldn't be more happier to have had the privilege to read this book. Thank you. Made me feel happy just reading it.



hattered - Teaser 1



"Can I ask you a question?" Flynn asked as we approached the reception desk.
"Sure." I stopped and turned to face him. Big mistake. While not classically handsome, there was something about his rugged features that was alluring. He was a fighter, if his crooked nose was any indication. His face was thin, his muscles lean. There wasn't an ounce of fat on him, I realized.
While all of this was intriguing, it was his eyes that most attracted me. They were constantly changing, from the clear sky-blue when he first walked into my office, to the stormy gray they were now.
"Why are you here?" he asked.
"For an internship, like Dr. Polanski said. I'm working toward my doctorate in clinical psychology."
"Yeah, that's not what I mean." He scratched his head, shaking loose some auburn strands from his bandanna. My fingers itched to tug that ridiculous piece of fabric away and let his locks tumble into place. I bet the man would be stunning if he just cleaned up a little bit.
"What do you mean?" I asked as I tore my gaze away from his hair and back down to his face.
"I mean, why mental patients?"
I chuckled and shook my head. "You know, you're the second person who asked me that."
"I am?"
"Dr. Polanski wanted to know why I wanted this internship, too."
"So," he asked. "Why us?"
I considered him for a moment before responding. "Why not you?"
He grinned, which softened his hard features. "I'm serious."
"I am, too." I shifted my briefcase from one hand to the other and adjusted the heavy tote on my shoulder. "Why do you think I wouldn't want to be here?"
He shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets. "We're all lost causes." He averted his gaze, but not before I saw the hurt in his eyes. I wondered who had called him a lost cause, and why. Part of me wanted to find that person and shake some sense into him.
"You're not a lost cause." I touched his arm, drawing his gaze back to me.
He glanced down to where I touched him and eased back. "No, I'm the biggest lost cause of them all."
"Why do you say that?"
He looked up and met my eyes. "Look at you." He waved his hand in front of me.
I can’t—there’s no mirror.”
He snorted, then his features turned serious. He brushed back a stray hair that had fallen from my bun. “You have the perfect hair." He slid his finger over my temple and cheek. "The perfect pink cheeks."
I started to protest, but then he focused on my lips and the hunger I saw there caused heat to burn in my lower abdomen.
Slowly, he slid his finger over my lips. "The perfect mouth," he murmured.
My breath hitched. Was he going to kiss me? He looked like he wanted to, and heaven help me, I wanted that, too, but I could never become involved with a patient. Not here. Not anywhere, really. There were rules and boundaries. I was here to fix his life, not make mine more complicated.
He must have seen the panic in my eyes because he cleared his throat and backed away. It was a good thing he did. Despite my convictions, it had been a hell of a long time since I had been with anyone romantically. I wasn’t entirely sure I would have had the strength to stop him.
He stuffed his hands back into his pockets and glanced down at my clothes. "You have the perfect outfit—well, except the coffee stains. You might want to try to get those out." I grimaced. "You belong out there, with the other perfect people.” He waved his hand at the elevators. “Not with the misfits and losers like us."
"And which are you, Flynn?" I stepped closer. "Are you a misfit, or a loser?"
"Both." He took a step away. "You should go home, Mia. Go back to your ivory tower and your perfect life. You don’t belong here."
"You don’t belong here, either."
He let out a short, quick exhale. "You’re wrong. I belong here more than anyone."
You wouldn’t understand.” He shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and shuffled his feet.
Make me understand, Flynn.” I took a step closer as I thought of the long list of mood-altering medications I had seen in his file. Mood swings, seizures. I wanted to know how he got to this point in his life. What happened to him to make him realize that he needed help and couldn’t continue to do things by himself? “I want to help you.”
"You just can't." He took another couple of steps away from me, but not before I noticed the light dusting of freckles on his skin, faded from the lack of sunlight. It made him more boyish and vulnerable in my eyes, which only strengthened my decision to help.
Why not?” I closed the distance until only a sliver of air was between us.
Pain flashed through his features. "You are so damn innocent, Mia.” He cupped my face with his large palm and touched his forehead to mine. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

Portrait of young romantic heterosexual couple over black background


1) Katy Perry – Roar
2) Collide – Howie Day
3) Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
4) Falling In – Lifehouse
5) Timber – Pitbull
6) Where Are We Going to Go From Here – Matt Kearny
7) One of those Days – Joshua Radin
8) The Riddle – Five for Fighting
9) Come Away with Me – Nora Jones
10) Sara Bareilles – Brave
11) Apologize – One Republic
12) Almost Lover – Jasmine Thompson
13) Feeling Good – Muse



Shattered - Author PhotoAt fourteen, Ava snuck her first romance novel into bed and read it by flashlight. There she met her first "book boyfriend" and has been hooked on reading ever since. She often prefers book-boyfriends to the real thing, and believes that a gooey, fudge brownie is a little piece of heaven on earth. When she's not writing, she's stumbling through her Zumba class (have to work off those brownies somehow), obsessing over the latest PINK song, or feeding her addiction for reality television.

Note: Ava also writes erotic romances for her over-eighteen fans as Suzanne Rock. See her kinkier side by checking out her website


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REVIEW: Away by B.A. Wolfe


The Keaton Series Book 1
 By B.A. Wolfe
Release Date: December 6, 2013
Publisher: B.A. Wolfe


What good is running AWAY when you only end up lost?

Cassandra Pierce had her whole "perfect" life planned out by her parents. One night of pure weakness and lust has her running away from it all and seeking refuge in Alamosa with her best friend. But it seems life has other plans for her when she finds herself lost in the small town of Keaton.

Jason Bradley is a charming country guy. He lives a simple life that’s nothing like what Cassandra is used to. A single moment in life changed everything he thought he once knew, leaving him with a broken heart and an unplanned future.

What happens in Keaton is nothing Cassandra or her heart could have ever prepared for. The instant connection she shares with Jason is no secret, but what they're keeping hidden from one another is. Will these two be able to find a way to trust each other or will their secrets tear them apart?


Amazon/Goodreads rating: 4.5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 8.5/10

The concept of a "perfect" girl running away from her "perfect" life completely sucked me in and had me looking forward to reading this book, from the Synopsis on. 

What would you do if your "perfect" world crumbled right under your nose? What if you placed all the blame on your shoulders? What if a stranger showed up and put you back together, in a way that felt better than before?

These questions completely sum up what happens to Cassandra in Away. She's running from the mess she's made...away from her parents. Away from her perfect life. She's running to her best friend, who's going to help her figure out how to fix the utter mess she's in. Only, fate had something else in store for her.

When fate unexpectedly brings Cassandra and Jason together, it leads us through a whirlwind of new experiences and emotions for both of them.

I loved Jason's attitude throughout the book. I loved how he and his family taught Cassandra that her life wasn't a mess, it just wasn't up to her parents expectations....and that it was perfectly fine that way.

I laughed and I cried. Boy did I cry. Not pretty little tears either. Full-on, sobbing, snotty nose, ugly cried!!! I was gutted. BUT!! I am completely looking forward to reading book two, Stay, which thankfully for me, (now that I can form a coherent thought to write the review), is already released.

This book is a 4.5 star read for me. I had only minor issues with parts of the book, but they were my internal issues with parts of the story. It's well-written and flows great. An enjoyable read (even with the gutting it handed me!). I definitely recommend this book to those who love emotional stories. Green light all the way!!

Buy Links



The light turned green but he didn't move forward.  He kept his foot on the brake and turned his head in my direction, wearing a grin that was spread at least six inches wide. 

"Do I want to know why that smile is plastered on your face and you aren't driving even though we have a green light?"

He turned his head in either direction.  "No one is behind us.  Is it making you nervous that I'm not driving when the light is green?" he asked playfully.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it is making me anxious...normal people don't sit at a green light Jase," I told him, staring right back at him, eyes locked on his.  "Well, are we going to drive or just sit here and stare at each other?"

He didn't reply.  He put the truck in park and slowly turned his body toward the door and grabbed the handle.  He stepped out of his truck, making his way to my side and stopping.  I raised my hands, wanting to know why on earth he got out of his truck in the middle of a light.  He opened my door and stood there smiling, holding out his hand for me to take.

"What are you doing?" I hesitated.

"You need to learn how to relax and let go.  Cassie, you are way too uptight, Sweetheart."

Author Bio and Links

B.A. Wolfe is a girl with a passion for reading and writing, and lives in the good old state of Colorado with her husband (her biggest cheerleader), and her two crazy min pin fur babies. These days, her life is anything but calm, and there isn't one thing she'd want to change. B.A. spends all her free time either furiously typing stories on her laptop or happily reading through her endless TBR on her Kindle. Her list of favorites would be long enough to fill a book, but most would likely fall under the romance category. She's a sucker for a good love story that makes her cry, and an amazing book boyfriend who will melt her heart.

Books by B.A. Wolfe

The Keaton Series
Away – Book One
Stay – Book Two

Author Contact Info

Amazon   Goodreads   Website  

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Three months to fall in love.

Three sentences destroys it all.

Seven years ago, free-spirited Hadley’s heart was shattered when her secret high school love, Ryder Blake, betrayed her with just a few harsh words. Now, in her twenties and unhappily committed to Braden, her boyfriend of two years, she is unknowingly still picking up the pieces, and beginning to realize her life is far from the one she always dreamed of having.

When sexy and all grown up Ryder walks back into her life, memories of their summer spent together causes her to want the old Hadley back. The Hadley that took risks and made her own rules, the Hadley that only Ryder Blake has ever dared to bring out.

Ryder has had his fair share of women since high school, but none have ever compared to the girl who stole his heart and disappeared with it. When his life starts to fall into place Hadley’s sudden reappearance and disgust towards him fuels his drive to win her back and never let her run again…even if she has a boyfriend, and even if he has to handcuff her to his bed.

He will pursue.

She’ll push him away.

Sparks will fly.

Tempers will flare.

An undeniable chemistry will light it all on fire.


“Why are you just standing there?” Hadley’s harsh voice, very much different than in my memory, jolts me.   

An embarrassing tug of my jeans alerts me to my rock hard cock.

“Looks like nothing has changed.” Hadley’s sharp tongue states but her eyes give her away.

I reach down and adjust myself as I watch her walk past me, wanting nothing more than to spank her tight ass. I grab her arm and whip her around so we are face to face.

"Oh, I’ve changed Hadley…and I can show you how if you’d like,” I tell her pushing up against her. 

Her breathing deepens as she attempts to tug her hand out of my grip. “Let. Me. Go, ” she says accentuating each word.

“Never.” I intently promise.

She scoffs. “I don’t belong to you anymore, Ryder.”

“You know,” I say, lifting my hand to caress the side of her cheek. She flinches but doesn’t move. 

“Since you vanished into thin air we technically never broke up. So, you still belong to me. Have you been cheating on me with this Braden asshole.”

I’m trying to lighten the mood but her eyes go wide. She’s seething. “Oh, yea? And how many girls have you fucked since high school? Go back to them.”

“I don’t want them. I want you,” I say, shocked at my own admission.

She looks between my eyes and my hand wrapped around her arm. Resolve shines through. “What’s that you said?” She taps her finger against her lips. “Oh yea. I’ve been there and done that.”

She pulls out of my grasp, shooting daggers with her eyes, and walks away from me, again.


Amy Marie was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Virginia Beach with her fantastically crazy husband and two kids.

As an avid reader, she never dreamed of writing her own novel until the characters started haunting her at night and in the shower.  Wanting to get it down on paper she set off on the journey that is more than she could have ever dreamed. 

When not writing she can be found carting her kids around, breaking up their fights, cleaning up messes, teaching Zumba, or reading.