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BOOK TOUR -- Elisabeth Grace's BURN

Are you ready for more Marco?
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One word.
Two letters.
But those two letters changed everything.
It was impossible to predict the impact I would have on the life of the only woman I'd ever truly loved. No way to know that I would result in her ruin.
I’d suffer for eternity with the knowledge that it was me who brought devastation to her doorstep.
Though I deserved the anguish I felt, to see her suffer was unacceptable.
I would fix this.
Somehow I would prove to her that I wasn't the monster she thought I was.
Even if it meant becoming a monster in order to make that happen.


Amazon/Goodreads Rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 10/10

I'm going to be vague in this review as any spoilers will do the reader a disservice.
The true definition of Burn is:
1. flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood.
synonyms: be on fire, be alight, be ablaze, blaze, go up, go up in smoke, be in flames, be aflame
While there are plenty of idioms for Burn as well:
1. burn one's bridges.
2. burn oneself out, to exhaust one's energy, ideas, etc., through overwork or intemperance

In this book the author couldn't have chosen a better title. This story is on fire. So hot in every sense of the definition. Bridges are burnt, passions are scorching, angers inflamed.
Burn starts off right where Hook left us hanging off a cliff. Emily is destroyed emotionally and on a vengeance. She's out to destroy those who betrayed her, those who burned her soul.
Marco is at a loss for what to do. He is hurting too and his anger is a burning blaze and it's directed right at Vito.
I couldn't put this book down. From page one we're trust into the path of a forest fire that's out of control. The flames scorch you through to the last page where they're finally extinguished. This is a series that I highly recommend and look forward to reading more from this author.



Then the door swung open and there he was. For a brief moment I was taken by his handsome features—his olive skin and pronounced jaw, the sparkle in his dark eyes, his perfect, straight nose. More than anything, it was the pull that remained between us that surprised me. Like I was a planet still circling his sun.
There was a moment when we locked eyes that the gravity of all that had happened wasn’t weighing heavy between us, and it almost caused me to stumble back.
Then, after the moment of intimacy had passed, I was sure I saw dread slip over his expression. I wasn’t going to stay put and find out though.
I wouldn’t be standing on his doorstep begging for whatever scraps of information he deemed worthy of casting my way. No, I was here to demand what he, at the very least, owed me, and I wouldn’t leave until he gave it to me.
“We need to talk.” I pushed past him, careful not to make contact, and bolted down the hallway toward the living room.
“Emily, this isn’t a good time.” Marco’s footsteps followed quickly behind me.
“I don’t care. Put aside whatever it is you’re doing. I want answers.”
I came to an abrupt stop when I stepped into the living/dining area and found Alexa sprawled across the couch like she was a feast ready to be enjoyed.
Her blouse was half unbuttoned, her legs draped over the cushions, causing her skirt to ride up a bit on her thighs, and her lips slightly swollen. Her lipstick had been rubbed off her mouth and onto her skin. She wore a saccharine smile that I wanted to rip off her face.
I crossed my arms over my chest and turned back to Marco. “Oh, I see. Well, pardon me for interrupting.” There was no disguising the venom in my voice.
His tortured gazed darted from me to her and back a few times before he schooled his features and responded. “Can we have this conversation some other time?” he asked, his voice neutral.
“Marco, who’s this?” Alexa purred from behind me.
I spun to address her with a fake smile on my face. “I’m Emily. We met at the art show a few months ago when I was there with Marco. Back when we were still fucking. You can call me Brandi, though.” I turned to lock gazes with him before finishing. “Everyone who knows me intimately does.”
His fists clenched at his sides and his jaw tightened. Good. Some small part of me was pleased that I was still able to elicit a reaction like that from him.
I swung my attention back to the blonde on the couch. “I’m sorry to swing by unannounced like this and interrupt what was obviously going to be a good time for you both. I just need a few minutes with Marco, and then I’ll be out of your hair.”
Alexa’s eyes narrowed on me for a moment, and though she was playing nice with me—probably for Marco’s benefit—it was clear she wasn’t pleased with the interruption.
“Perhaps I should go,” she said.
“No!” Marco said, whip fast. “Emily should be the one to leave.”
Not going to lie.
That stung.
A lot.
No matter that everything between Marco and I had been based on lies, the fact that I was so easily tossed aside smarted.
“I’m not going anywhere until we speak.” I leveled him with a gaze that told him I was serious.
“Why don’t you use my bathroom to freshen up, Alexa? It’s that way through my bedroom.” He pointed toward the room that we’d spent many a night in. “I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”
A victorious smile crept across her face, and her gaze swung to me as she rose from the couch. She brushed her fingers across Marco’s chest as she passed him. “Don’t be too long.”
He nodded but didn’t spare her a glance as she passed, his gaze still fixed on me.
As soon as the bedroom door closed, I spoke. “Sorry to interrupt your play time, Marco, but you owe me some answers and I’m ready to collect.”

Haven’t met Marco Valenti yet, Now is your chance!
Hook (Book One)

Author Bio and Links

USA Today Bestselling author, Elisabeth Grace, has a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! She currently lives outside Toronto, Canada with her hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share her love of reading and writing with others.


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Title: He Loves Me Healthy, He Loves Me Not
Author: Renee Dyer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 30, 2016  
Publisher: Forever Red Publishing
It’s a strange little word about to change Nick and Brenna St. James’ world forever.
Brenna was raised to believe love conquers all. Losing piece after piece of herself causes her to waver in her beliefs. Insecurities abound and she can’t stop wondering if Nick can love the person she is now. Is it fair to ask him to?
Nick wants a do over. To go back to a time before Brenna was sick, before everything changed. But genies don’t exist, life doesn’t grant wishes, and time machines haven’t been invented. All he can do is follow his heart...and his heart wants Brenna.
Together, they have to face a battle they never imagined. 
When fighting is all you have left… 
When love can't heal everything… 
When life rests in the balance of the unknown...
When their vows, “…in sickness and in health”, are put to the test… 
Will Nick and Brenna be able to fight through the odds stacked against them, or will everything come crumbling down?
Love is stronger than anything. It can conquer all. We hear this all the time growing up. This book is a story that takes you on a journey through a couple’s life as they find out exactly how strong their love is. When Brenna finds out she has a brain condition, their everyday, happy life gets thrown into a tailspin. Together, Nick and Brenna have to brace for the impact of the multitude of changes this condition and the surgeries that ensue, bring their way. They go through ups and downs as they try to figure out who they have become as they each change from the impact of Brenna having Chiari. It’s a raw and realistic story, but one that will have the reader taking stock of their own life, grabbing for the person next to them, and coming out understanding that love is always worth fighting for.
From a young age Renee Dyer had a love of writing, starting with a doodle pad at age four that soon turned into journals and later computer documents. Poetry became short stories and short stories became a novel. Although she's surrounded by males all day having three sons, a husband and a hyperactive chocolate lab, she still finds time to be all woman when she escapes into the fantasy of reading and writing romance. That is, until she needs male perspective and garners eye rolling from her husband. She's a true New Englander. You'll find her screaming profanity at her TV while the Pats play and cuddling under blankets during the cold seasons (which is most of them) reading a good book. To her snow is not a reason to shut things down, only a reason to slow down and admire the beauty. Ask her questions and she'll answer them. She's an open book, pun fully intended.

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New Cover Front

Title: Brokenhearted
Author: Brooklyn Taylor
Cover design: Alora Kate / Sweet Lush Cover Design
Photo: Dear Mrs Adkins Photography
Release Date: July 27, 2016
Dr. Trevor James didn’t want or expect anything from anybody. He worked every free minute he had and kept himself shut off from almost everybody. He had no intention on living his life any other way after losing the love of his life. Ryann Payne lived a life of simplicity. She was happy with her modest life as a bartender and living a life where she answered to nobody. The last thing she expected was to meet Trevor, Mr. Intense. Both Trevor and Ryann find out though that no matter how broken you are there still might someone out there that can mend you if you let it that is.    


Amazon/Goodreads Rating: 5/5 Stars
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 10/10 Stars
Ms. Taylor has a way of wrapping you in her stories and holding you hostage until you finish, making you feel as though you need stay lost in the worlds she creates. Sadly real life intervenes and so we have to take our time reading. Ryann and Trevor's story was one I wanted to immerse myself in, and when I had the time that's exactly what I did. After both being broken by love in the past they swore they were never putting themselves in the position to be hurt again. They'd rather live life alone than face heartache of that nature again. After hearing all they had been through I certainly didn't blame them for how they felt! As we all know though fate often has other plans for us and when we meet our soulmate nothing can keep you apart, not even yourself. Brokenhearted is a beautiful story of learning to open your heart again, of friendship and of healing. Highly recommend!
Broken Hearted 2
$10 Amazon Gift Card & Signed paperback of Brokenhearted

About the Author

I currently reside outside of Austin, Texas. I'm a mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field but would rather be spending my time writing! I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies. I started to write at the instinct of "hey maybe I can do that!" and haven't stopped since. I have enjoyed every step of the journey. I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my life worth living!
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Title: Moore to Love

Author: Faith Andrews

Genre: RomCom, Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Release Date: July 18, 2016

I used to imagine that life would be easier, more enjoyable, if I were tall, blond, and supermodel thin. But real life—like the average, every day woman—is full of curves and imperfections, and many opportunities to learn that it’s not the number on the scale that measures the capacity of your heart. After years of struggling with poor self esteem and too many crash diets to count, I finally got wise—and hired a trainer. With an enthusiastic push from my brother’s fiancĂ© and more motivation than a Joel Osteen sermon, I, Madeline “Leni” Moore, am ready to ditch the oh-woe-is-me act. That is, until I smack head-on into a tree and collide with him. Lane Sheffield is the guy you drool over from afar. One look at him the first day on the runner’s track, and my panties are up in flames. He’s out of my league. Slim, sleek, and athletic to my plump, dull, and unfit. Lane has no reason to like me, but to my utter shock . . . he does and this newfound attention from the opposite sex has me all sorts of baffled. What starts out as a healthy journey to lose some of the extra me, turns into a quest to find my true self. Will the need to fit in and finally have someone to call my own lead me to my weight loss goal or my happiness goal? I've focused so long on being skinny, what will it take for me to learn the ultimate lesson—that beauty is only skin deep?  

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Amazon/Goodreads Rating: 5/5 Stars
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 10/10 Stars
 Normally when I finish a book I let it sit for a day or 2 before I post a review but this book... I need to let my thoughts and feelings out while they're fresh. Leni, for all her insecurities and self doubt, was such a wonderful, DIFFERENT leading lady. I love how she wasn't perfect and how she had many imperfections. Did I want to snack her at times? Yes. The reason for that is because deep inside I am Leni. I grew up being made fun of, I look different, I to this day have people put down my looks. Like Leni I have found my happiness, my handsome man to love me despite, or perhaps even in spite of, my flaws and imperfections. There are times that little girl inside me hurts and I feel unworthy of love but luckily I have loved ones who put that crap out of my head. Thank you Faith for giving me someone I can relate to in this way.
I realize I haven't touched upon the story itself but what can I say? It truly was a beautiful, complicated love story. It was so much more though... It was a learn to love yourself story. I should say that I hope Tatum gets a story too...
7" Kindle Fire w/ Special Offers 8GB & Signed Paperback of Moore to Love

About the Author
Faith Andrews is living out her dream right outside the greatest city in the world, New York City. Happily married to her high school sweetheart, she is the mother of two beautiful and wild daughters, and a furry Yorkie son named Rocco Giovanni. When she's not tapping her toes to a Mumford & Sons tune or busy being a dance mom, her nose is stuck in a book or she's sitting behind the laptop, creating her next swoon worthy book boyfriend. Coffee addict, lover of wine and cheese, and sucker for concerts and Netflix, Faith believes in love at first sight and happily ever after.  
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Title:  Where She Is
Author:  L.M. Cappello
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  July 15, 2016


The breakdown of any relationship can be devastating. For me, it’s life changing. 
My name is Hannah May, and I’m leaving London and everyone I love in pursuit of something more. 
A major job opportunity has landed on my lap. The timing couldn’t be better, and the location means a fresh start in a new country. Australia.
My flight to the other side of the world is made with just one promise to myself.
This journey is about me. 
My life, my career, my heart. 
Never again will I fall so quickly…

I have demons to fight. Losing my wife in the way I did, is just one of them.
My name is Daniel Grant, Executive Director at one of Australia’s biggest construction companies and the gossip columns favourite piece of meat. 
I’ve made so many mistakes, more than I care to admit. 
The next woman I let into my life will be the right one. 
The next woman will be Hannah May.

A note to readers. Where She Is, is written in UK English and has been edited/proofread according to UK grammatical rules. As a result, some spelling and grammar variances will be apparent in the text, and are normal.

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Amazon/Goodreads rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 10/10

Hannah May seems to have a habit of falling too quickly when it comes to relationships.  She is living with her current boyfriend Rob and he has just proposed to her.  She hasn’t given him an answer but plans on doing so when she returns home from work.  But what she discovers when she walks in surprises her.  This breakdown of her relationship with Rob is life changing as she is now leaving her home in London for a job transfer to Australia.  She is leaving her family to start a new on the other side of the world.  This fresh start is to be about her and her job and she promises herself she will not fall too quickly again.  That is until she meets the chairman’s son of the company she is working for.
Daniel Grant is the Executive Director of one of Australia’s biggest construction company.  He lives a very secluded life after the death of his wife and the gossip columns not wanting to leave him alone.  He has made many mistakes and still is fighting demons from his past.  When he meets Hannah his life is no longer the same.
This is the debut novel by this author and she did a wonderful job.  I was not able to put the book down. The way she wrote left us wondering about Daniel’s past, adding great mystery to the story.  Just when you think you know what's going to happen, she surprises you with something different. You think you learned all of the secrets then another one pops up leaving you unable to walk away from this book.  I really enjoyed all the unexpected surprises.  There was one that did leave me in tears.  I could totally feel the emotions that Hannah was experiencing.  The story is told mainly in her point of view.  We have a few small paragraphs in Daniel’s point of view.  I would have loved to have read more from his POV but it did add to that mystery.  The interaction of Hannah’s family and friends as well as Daniel’s family was great.  I am hoping that Joe will have his own story as there is so much more I’d love to know about him.  I will be reading more from this new author and highly recommend her.


About the Author

By day, this ordinary wife and mother plays the role of taxi driver, cook and chief bottle washer to her husband and four children. By night, she writes under the pen name Loriana Cappello to keep her real and writing world separate. She likes nothing more than to lose herself in the depths of her imagination by writing or reading a good book.

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