Monday, January 13, 2014

Update of sorts...

I've been meaning to post more to the blog, but my writing time these days has been dedicated to Right Here Waiting. Why can't I do both? Well, I've had some issues with my right shoulder that make using it difficult (long story, not worth repeating here). And while I could type if I positioned myself just right, even that was tough by the time last Friday rolled around. I went to the orthopedist on Friday, and he gave me a cortisone shot. Slowly but surely, things are improving. I'm anxious to get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

As for Right Here Waiting, I've been pleased with how the manuscript is coming along. I made some big decisions about it, including one that cuts the current epilogue. I'll post that on the blog as an extra later, but I realized it revealed more than I want to say about another story, and I think where the narrative ends in the main body is a good spot. One of the original reasons for the epilogue had been to show some character developments, and those are now addressed in other places, so the epilogue isn't necessary anymore.

This is part of the process of writing - particularly growing and maturing as a writer - learning how to recognize these sorts of things before anyone has ever seen the manuscript. Aside from the teaser at the end of Only One, no one has seen this book, not even my mentor/first reader/editor.

Since my class and the holiday rush have ended, I've been working on backstory for Meg and Neil, the leads in Right Here Waiting, which is revealing more about the characters. As a writer, that's always exciting. I'm hoping readers will really connect to this story. Now that the final product is taking better shape, I'll review my original copy (the stuff that appears as a synopsis on places like Amazon, B&N and Goodreads, as well as on the back cover) and post it soon.

Before the end of the month, I'll have migrated to Google+, so I'm not sure how exactly that will change my blog, but I'll let you know via Facebook and Twitter. I'm also planning to launch a Pinterest board with some inspiration images. I'll announce when that happens, too. Meanwhile, you can LIKE my Facebook author page, and look there and at Twitter for upcoming giveaway/contests.

Thanks for continuing to take this journey with me! As always, positive reviews and sharing my work with your friends is a huge help!

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