Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm humbled and truly honored...

I'm part of a group on Facebook where authors can seek reviewers for their work. You see, the more people talk about your books, the more likely it is that people will talk about your books. I know. Crazy, right? An author friend, DJ Shaw (whose Wiccan Lies cover I revealed here recently), introduced me to this group and of course, there are many authors in there, too. It's where I met Rene Folsom (whose fantastic erotic short stories set, Roommate Romance, I've read and reviewed - they're excellent!) and where I met the lovely Ella Medler.

Ella recently read and reviewed Back to December, and I wanted to share a link to her review. It made me cry (okay, I'm a huge sap) and it truly humbled me. As an author, to have even one reader truly get your story is such a blessing. Thank you, Ella! I'm thrilled that you loved my book that much! And I promise, when I get through the insanity that is this weekend, you're on my short list!

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