Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update on my writing... VEGA BROTHERS series

Mandy asked on my Facebook author page about Christopher's story. If you're unfamiliar with my Ward Sisters series, Christopher Pilling is a secondary character, the stylist to movie star Deac Roberts. Christopher is a fan favorite, and by the time I finished book #2, I knew he'd be getting his own story, even outside his appearances in the rest of the Ward Sisters series. He first appears in Back to December (#1), makes an even bigger splash in Only One (#2) (because he's Jenna's best friend from high school), gets ignored in Right Here Waiting (#3) (because there really was no place for him in that story), and made a very brief appearance in the epilogue of This Year's Love (#4). He'll show up again in Time to Begin (#5), since he's friends with and the employer of Reggie Reynolds (she used to be the makeup artist for Deac Roberts, aka Rob Deacon). He'll make a brief appearance in Just Realized (#6), at a couple of weddings. I anticipate seeing him in Think of Me (#7), which is Mary Cate Neely's story (and if you've read Only One, you know she and Jenna were friends in college, thus, she knew Christopher through Jenna). I don't see why he'd ever be in Tell Me What It Takes (#8), which is the story of Annie's ex, Aaron, and Biogen rep/Liam's former lover, Ally. But he will most certainly make an appearance in Better Be Home Soon (#9), because Charlie Ward will get her chance to attend some Hollywood events with her brother-in-law, and she'll need Christopher.

Ward Sisters is currently at four complete stories. I'm working on books 5 and 6 right now, and you can see in the image below the covers for all of the stories, so you know there are a total of nine currently.

Now, while I was writing Right Here Waiting (Ward Sisters, #3), I realized that I loved Nico and Carlos Vega - Meg's ex and her other bff - and I wanted to write for them. Instead of sandwiching them into Ward Sisters, they're getting a spinoff called Vega Brothers. At the moment, the stories are as follows:

Steal Your Heart (#1), Nico Vega and Sarah Neely (yes, Liam's oldest sister)
You Got Me (#2), Carlos Vega and Christopher Pilling - yes, THE Christoper.
All I Want (#3), Peyton Hawthorne and Alex Vega - these two are Sarah's baby she gave up for adoption and the boy Carlos rescued from the gang in Miami, who was then adopted by the Vegas.
Never a Question (#4), Ariel Vega (Carlos' daughter) and Jesse Hillman (Yes, Annie's ex. Yes, he's a decade older than her. Yes, that's part of the story.)

So, that's where we're at with the spinoff series and where Christopher's story will happen. As for WHEN it will be published (it has already been started), to some degree, it will depend upon how quickly I get the rest of Ward Sisters completed and out there. The two series are technically separate and will be able to be read independently, but to be fair to the fans who will read both, I don't want to spoil anyone unintentionally - there will be details in one that will reveal plot from the other and vice versa. On the Ward Sisters timeline, 'present day' for Nico and Sarah is technically five months after the conclusion of Time to Begin, so I can publish their story any point after that is out - in other words, any time after this summer, it could be possible to launch Vega Brothers. Nico's story comes first, then Carlos and Christopher's story can happen. The internal, Vega Brothers timeline has Carlos and Christopher getting together after Nico and Sarah, but sometime within that year. As the schedule progresses, I'll reveal more details!

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