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Only One Teaser - Prologue

Note: This has been edited to reflect the changes made to the scene. Nothing major, it just reads better! We aim to please - improving quality all the time!

For any of you who have read Back to December, you've seen this, since it appears at the end of the book. This is for those of you who haven't read Book #1. What are you waiting for? Quick! Go buy Back to December and read it before Only One comes out in the next month or so! You'll really, really wish you had!

Also, just a quick note. My awesome book club is reading Back to December for our December read (of course!) and as such, I will be creating a list of discussion questions. If you're interested in having those for your own book club, I'm planning to post them here when they're ready. I've got a couple months, so I haven't put that on top of the to-do list yet.

Here's your snippet, as promised!


Jenna pulled up to the big, white house with its New England charm, complete with a huge front porch. Numerous cars occupied the driveway, but since this place had been an inn, there were still parking spots. Unfortunately, there were none near the door.
You ready for this?” Christopher asked. Jenna nodded.
Fake it til you make it, she thought.
Rob and Emily were getting married and that meant there would be a crowd of people here soon. The gathering wasn't the issue, however; the problem was that one of those people would be Liam.
As Emily's full-time bodyguard, Liam now lived with their boss, Rob Deacon, aka movie star Deac Roberts. Jenna hadn't seen Liam in seven torturous, heartache-filled months when she wondered if he still loved her or if he'd changed his mind. She'd despaired for six months because she hadn't told Liam his baby grew inside her.
Jenna and Christopher, who was Rob's stylist, had discussed Liam during the entire flight to Maine from L.A. She couldn't hide her pregnancy. These days, Jenna could barely get out of her own way. Concealment was impossible unless she was seen from the neck up. That wasn't going to happen.
Christopher walked ahead to the house door and his massive frame engulfed the whole doorway. From a distance, Jenna observed Chris' air kisses upon Emily's greeting and heard his compliment that she was glowing. He shouted over his shoulder, “Come on, big girl, you're lagging behind.”
Ha-ha. You'd walk slower if you were me, too.”
Christopher replied, “Thank God I never will be. My figure couldn't handle it.”
She stepped into the house and hugged Emily, whose eyebrows shot up her forehead. Apparently, Rob hadn't mentioned her pregnancy.
I'm so glad to see you!" Jenna said. "I'm so happy Rob finally came after you. He knows." She put a protective hand over her belly.
Knows?” Emily asked, brow pinched in confusion, eyes narrowed.
About the baby. I told him.”
Emily's face suddenly paled. Did she still not trust Rob? Jenna clarified, “It's not his baby! I meant I told him. Because he's my boss. And I'll need to take time off when the baby is born.”
Her breathing relaxed and Emily smiled. “Oh. Right. Of course! So, how far along are you?”
About seven months. Actually, it's 34 weeks on Monday.” If Emily did the math, she'd know what that meant.
They walked toward the back to the kitchen, where Rob's former make-up artist, Reggie, stood alongside a tall brunette who Emily introduced as her best friend, Meg.
Reggie hugged Jenna, rubbed her belly and gave her a knowing look. Nervous, her smile wavered and she thought, Yeah, it's about to get real.
She and Christopher stepped onto the deck. Across the expanse of wood, Liam stood in a small group. He was as handsome as ever, his recently-cut wave of brown hair accentuating his cheekbones. His shoulders shrugged with a stifled laugh and his smirk made her smile. God, had she missed him.
Liam finally noticed them and looked in their direction. His eyes found Jenna's and heat rushed through her body. Those gorgeous lashes framed twinkling brown eyes, the chocolate orbs that had first caught her attention, and her heart clenched at the memory. A grin spread across his face as wide as the one he'd given her at the Malibu house in January, the night when, after three years, he'd finally said he loved her.
Then his eyes strayed down her body to her breasts, which had grown from a C to a DD since the last time she saw him. As his gaze traveled to her hand on her belly, he wobbled.
Grab him, Rob!” Emily shouted a second too late, because Rob barely caught Liam's arms before his best friend collapsed. In the process, Liam's head whacked Rob's nose. Rob lay his friend on the chaise before he asked for a cloth for his nosebleed.
Jenna gasped and tears sprang to her eyes. He knew that the baby was his, or else he wouldn't have reacted that way. Her hand instantly covered her mouth to stifle a cry of relief.
She looked down at the red-haired woman who'd dropped to her knees beside Liam. She'd also gasped and panicked as he fainted.
Oh, my God! Is he okay? What just happened?” Red asked and looked at Emily.
And that was when she saw Jenna.
Red's eyes teared, mouth drooped in a wobbly frown and her eyes drifted closed for a second before a tear rolled down her cheek. When Rob told her to head into the house, that he'd take care of Liam, she agreed without a word as Meg helped her stand.
She must be Liam's girlfriend.

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