Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let the Only One teasers begin!

It's that time! Only One went to the editor late last week. I'm pretty confident that, despite this being only the second time she's seen the book and the first she's seen significant portions, that we're a lot closer to being done this time around. For one thing, the word count is around the same as Back to December's final version. Which means the story is already tighter than its parent book. For another, I've gone through a few drafts myself before I sent it along for a review.

So, we'll start with the current synopsis. I've combed through to see if I accidentally revealed plot points, but I don't think I have. It might change a little when it goes to print, but maybe not. Here you go!

Only One

He never believed love was in the cards for him.

At 33, Liam Neely has lived the perfect bachelor life since joining Deacon Security 8 years ago. As one of the elite bodyguards for movie star Deac Roberts – his best friend, Rob Deacon's, alter ego – Liam has had plenty of money, lots of travel, glamorous parties if he wanted to attend, and a handful of girls he considered regular booty calls. It sure beat being shot working for the CIA, where he spent his post-college years. He didn't think anything was really missing in his life. Until he met Rob's new assistant, Jenna.

At first glance Jenna was a typical California girl, but Liam soon found that the surface was where the description ended. Despite his insistence that he didn't do relationships, he found himself falling in love with Jenna, hard and fast. Unfortunately, the life he created before her wasn't conducive to commitment, especially when you're Liam and you have family baggage, trust issues and a lack of experience actually trying to make it work.

When Liam chased Rob's girlfriend, Emily, across the country to protect her, it didn't help him stay in touch with Jenna. They don't do the phone call/text/email thing, and when Rob says she's no longer asking about him, Liam is convinced that Jenna has given up on the two of them. Just as he's trying to move on, Jenna appears and throws his whole world into a tailspin. Will it be a case of better late than never, or too little, too late with the only one who ever truly mattered?

She knew he was wrong.

For 32-year old Jenna Ackerman, life has always come easily. Brilliant, beautiful and wealthy, she could live the life of a socialite as expected. But she hates doing what's expected. So instead, she used her brains to become a cybersecurity expert and landed - not by chance - a job as the woman behind the curtain for movie star Deac Roberts. Deac's real-life counterpart, Rob Deacon, became her very best friend, the one man for whom she'd walk through fire. Rob is her main focus, until the day he introduces her to his other best friend, Liam. For the first time in her life, calm, cool, collected Jenna is turned upside down. But love is a complicated dance. Can Jenna and Liam manage to make the choreography work? Will Liam's past and his issues prevent them from finding a happy ending? And are those the only problems that stand in the way? Or are there other things that lurk just beneath the surface which are unknown even to those involved?

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