Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today's Right Here Waiting teaser...

I'm working on edits, and I wanted to share this funny little snippet. Here's Neil talking with his best friend, Danny. Teenage Neil is definitely a smartass with his best friend, and this bit makes me laugh when I read it.

Why the sudden change of heart? You meet someone?”
Neil sighed. “No. Well, sort of. I talked to Meghan in the book store.”
What? No way!”
Way. We were looking at the Ireland display and we had a conversation.”
Was she snotty and bitchy to you?”
What? No. She was nice.”
Huh. She gives off a snotty vibe at school.”
Well, she was nice to me.”
Probably thought you were a kid.”
Gee, thanks.”
You still look young, Neil.”
Thank God I don't look Neil Young.”

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