Monday, December 1, 2014

Release Day Blitz and Review - Tess Oliver's CASH (The Barringer Brothers, #2)


The Barringer Brothers
Book 2
By Tess Oliver
Release Date: December 1, 2014


A horrid, unstable childhood and a long stint with Bedlam, an outlaw MC, has left Cash Tremaine hardened, disillusioned and desperate to find a better life. A love of the ocean and a job referral from an old friend take him to the small coastal town of Tucker's Village where he meets Esme Drake. Esme is tough, resilient, independent and impossibly pretty. Cash wonders if he's finally found his place in the world down by the sea, but he soon discovers that even far away from the MC, trouble manages to find him.

A rough life with her father and two brothers has taught Esme Drake to be a survivor and, now more than ever, she wants to be out on her own. For the last few years she has stuck to her plan and Cash Tremaine is the last thing she needs to get in her way. But beneath his intimidating exterior, Cash is a lost soul, looking for a place to escape the unpredictable chaos of life, and Esme finds herself inexplicably drawn to him.



Meeting Cash in Rain Shadow series was like a glimpse of the bad boy we would all love to have and get to know better. And I, for one, waited to see what happens next with this bad boy who made us think he doesn't care.

In this book of The Barringer Brothers we see Cash trying to find his place, leaving his old life behind. Cash has had a lot of pain in his life and a lifetime of regrets. Esme is a girl trying to make her own path, not wanting to see her father and brothers ruin their lives any more.

It was a fun and exciting story, and Tess made Cash look like more than a bad boy. He was sweet and protective, caring for the friends he met in the short time in town, helping where he could. And letting himself love the girl when he knew there was no staying for him there. I love the fun way Tess showed us their first meet. The way they make that words sound so much sweeter latter in the story. How can I say that I loved this book any more than just saying that I Loved It. It made me happy to see this guy, who intrigued me in all the other books, get his.

NOW I want a round in the lighthouse. Too bad I'm so far away from the sea!

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