Sunday, July 3, 2016

Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Party! Day 3

Hi, there! Rebecca Hamilton here to tell you how SUPER excited we are to bring you this MEGA giveaway! First place prize is a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card, but we also have 12 runner up ebook and paperback prizes! Entering will connect you with 21 paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors for more great deals, freebies, and giveaway, so in a way, everyone wins!
Before you enter the giveaway, check out an excerpt of VIGILANTE MINE by Cera Daniels, one of the authors sponsoring the giveaway!

Reasonable priority number one: Catch Klepto in the act. Reasonable priority number two: Put a serial killer away for good. Amanda sighed. Dutiful reminders weren't enough to stop the worry over Ryan's head injury, the wish his brother hadn't been hurt, nor the less-altruistic, irresponsible dreams of a night ending in the condo. Her flirtatious troublemaker had been so still for long, long minutes as she tried to pry the doors open and break the useless, shatter-proof windshield. It had taken both her and Jay to rouse him. What if Ryan had a concussion? She wanted hours just to touch him. Every inch of skin bared, massaged in a 100% innocent post-truck accident inspection. Her fingers curled as fantasies surrounded her like a heated blanket. Ryan's arms would have been far more accommodating than her cold, lumpy couch. And the sex? Amanda caught her breath at a tangle of wanton memories that made the apex of her thighs heat and clench. She'd never hear jazz music the same way again. “Play Klepto's game, secure his trust, find the evidence before dinner. That's what matters,” she whispered to the dark. “How can you be thinking about a romp under the covers while the city's under attack by a psycho who likes to break into your house and leave you roses?” Klepto wouldn't catch her unaware and in bed a second time. Bed. Ryan. That wild look in his eyes when he came with her name on his lips. He'd asked her to be his date for the fundraiser. Ryan, infamous for parading around a different woman on a daily basis, had admitted he wanted her for more than one night. She swallowed hard. How many more? With the cameras rolling, how long would it take the playboy to become bored with his new lover? Every light in the living room and kitchen went out, leaving only the half moon to drench her house in shadows. Instinct blotted out her unsettling questions. She slid to the floor, her high heels sinking into the carpet as the back door cracked open. A masculine silhouette entered the kitchen with slow, quiet footsteps. A split second later, her security system wailed. Klepto went down like he'd been shot. She crouched lower, scooting around the couch to get a line of sight on his attacker. Back door intact and closed. No one else in sight. Klepto was sprawled on the tile, his hands over his hood, his body shuddering as if the strident tone of the alarm had dealt him a physical blow. “Turn it off!” A growl, a plea, a howl of such animalistic pain she almost couldn't recognize the words. Amanda flung herself at the alarm panel but when the blaring siren died his attempt to rise ended with him swaying on his hands and knees. She had a ridiculous urge to make sure he was okay. To apologize, when she could have been sprinting for the phone. Not that calling the police was the best option. Breaking and entering wasn't the evidence she needed to ensure his life sentence. Amanda crouched by his side and pressed her palm to his still-quaking shoulder. “Klepto? What happened?” “Alarm,” he groaned. Her intuition was broken. It had to be. Compassion had no place in her plan to send this man to prison. “You're not allowed to die on my kitchen floor.” Amanda dropped to her knees, the tile frigid against her bare skin as she draped his arm over her shoulder. “Felled by an alarm. What kind of master thief are you, anyway?” Impartiality wavered as the intimate position shoved her ear against his chest, his breath warm on the back of her neck. This man, mint and danger, should not interest her hormones in the slightest. Should not have been waiting for Klepto while thinking about Ryan. Under the pretense of shoving his body upright against the island she slid her hands around his waist to check discreetly for the bulge of a weapon. Clear. Amanda let go, but Klepto slumped forward. Her hands slammed into strong shoulders, pure muscle under leather. No shoulder holster, either. He was weakened, at her mercy, and she couldn't lock him up before he led her to the stolen showstopper bullets or the gun. Everything that pointed to him as the serial killer so far was, at best, circumstantial. At worst, coincidental. “If you're done feeling me up, I could use some Tylenol.”

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