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Title:  Where She Is
Author:  L.M. Cappello
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  July 15, 2016


The breakdown of any relationship can be devastating. For me, it’s life changing. 
My name is Hannah May, and I’m leaving London and everyone I love in pursuit of something more. 
A major job opportunity has landed on my lap. The timing couldn’t be better, and the location means a fresh start in a new country. Australia.
My flight to the other side of the world is made with just one promise to myself.
This journey is about me. 
My life, my career, my heart. 
Never again will I fall so quickly…

I have demons to fight. Losing my wife in the way I did, is just one of them.
My name is Daniel Grant, Executive Director at one of Australia’s biggest construction companies and the gossip columns favourite piece of meat. 
I’ve made so many mistakes, more than I care to admit. 
The next woman I let into my life will be the right one. 
The next woman will be Hannah May.

A note to readers. Where She Is, is written in UK English and has been edited/proofread according to UK grammatical rules. As a result, some spelling and grammar variances will be apparent in the text, and are normal.

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Amazon/Goodreads rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 10/10

Hannah May seems to have a habit of falling too quickly when it comes to relationships.  She is living with her current boyfriend Rob and he has just proposed to her.  She hasn’t given him an answer but plans on doing so when she returns home from work.  But what she discovers when she walks in surprises her.  This breakdown of her relationship with Rob is life changing as she is now leaving her home in London for a job transfer to Australia.  She is leaving her family to start a new on the other side of the world.  This fresh start is to be about her and her job and she promises herself she will not fall too quickly again.  That is until she meets the chairman’s son of the company she is working for.
Daniel Grant is the Executive Director of one of Australia’s biggest construction company.  He lives a very secluded life after the death of his wife and the gossip columns not wanting to leave him alone.  He has made many mistakes and still is fighting demons from his past.  When he meets Hannah his life is no longer the same.
This is the debut novel by this author and she did a wonderful job.  I was not able to put the book down. The way she wrote left us wondering about Daniel’s past, adding great mystery to the story.  Just when you think you know what's going to happen, she surprises you with something different. You think you learned all of the secrets then another one pops up leaving you unable to walk away from this book.  I really enjoyed all the unexpected surprises.  There was one that did leave me in tears.  I could totally feel the emotions that Hannah was experiencing.  The story is told mainly in her point of view.  We have a few small paragraphs in Daniel’s point of view.  I would have loved to have read more from his POV but it did add to that mystery.  The interaction of Hannah’s family and friends as well as Daniel’s family was great.  I am hoping that Joe will have his own story as there is so much more I’d love to know about him.  I will be reading more from this new author and highly recommend her.


About the Author

By day, this ordinary wife and mother plays the role of taxi driver, cook and chief bottle washer to her husband and four children. By night, she writes under the pen name Loriana Cappello to keep her real and writing world separate. She likes nothing more than to lose herself in the depths of her imagination by writing or reading a good book.

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