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Title: Prepared To Fall
Series: Golden Oakes #2
Author: E.J. Shortall
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Published: August 16, 2016

Adam is stuck in a thankless job with a father he loathes, and his secret childhood love is marrying somebody else. In a desperate attempt to forget it all he used a friend in a night of drunken passion.


Golden Oakes’s golden girl, Cassie’s life has been a torment of impossible parental expectations, lies and secrets. The only constant has been her close friendship with the Oakes brothers, and her kickboxing coach turned boyfriend, Jay.

Now training for the fight of her life, Cassie has to trust in Jay more than ever. But when Jay’s demanding ways begin to spill beyond the ring, Adam discovers his feelings for the spritely kick-boxer might be stronger than he could ever have imagined. Putting the past behind him, he vows to be there to protect, support and comfort Cassie.

Falling in love had been the last thing on their minds, but with life taking them along the unpredictable cliff edges of life, will they be there to catch each other if they fall?

This book discusses issues of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and may be a trigger for some.
Contains adult content, scenes of explicit sexual nature and language some may consider crude or offensive. It is intended for readers aged 18+

Book two in the Golden Oakes series, but can be read as a standalone.

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Amazon/Goodread's Rating:  5/5
In Patti's Imagination Rating:  10/10

Adam Ashworth and Cassie Burton are two characters we meet in book one of the Golden Oaks series.  These two had a connection, but with Adam in love with his best friend their relationship didn’t have a chance.  Adam continues working at a job, for his father, that he is not happy with, thanks to promises made when he was young and continues to carry his secret crush for the one that doesn’t belong to him.
Cassie is finally getting the chance at her dream of entering the world of kickboxing competition.  With her boyfriend Jay, who just so happens to also be her coach, she can see this finally happening regardless of what her mother thinks of how she is living her life.  Jay has been there when things with her family went downhill and destroyed her so when things started to change with Jay she wouldn’t face the truth. When Adam starts to see these changes, he realizes that his feeling are more than he originally thought, but what he really needs to do is protect her and get her to see the truth.  Falling in love is not a part of the plan.
This book took me on several unexpected twists and then when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the story went differently than predicted.  I love that element of the suspense in the story and not being able to guess what is going to happen.  It kept me wanting to read more even when I was unable to. 
Sure this is a  book that can be read as a stand alone, but I would recommend reading Prepared to Fight first to get more of the background with the characters.  The author does a great job of covering the interactions from the first book, but by reading the other book it will add to the depth of this story.  This book was even better because it was great catching up with Liv and Nate as well as Wes, who I hope will have his own story.   It really was great getting to know and understand Adam and Cassie. 
This is an emotional book and some of the subject matter can cause triggers for some, but the author does an excellent job in showing how even the strong fall.  The story is not rushed and is very realistic.  You feel the emotions of the characters and will be having conversations with them on their actions.  I found myself trying to yell at them both like they needed my "arm-chair-coaching. "  I am looking forward to reading more from this author who I hope, besides Wes, will give Caleb a book as well.  

Prepared to Fall Excerpt © E.J. Shortall 2016

Adam POV
“So, what does a Cassie Burton kick-boxing session consist of?” I sidled up next to her as she leant over a cabinet in the corner of the room fiddling with a stereo system.
She shot me a quick look and then returned her attention to the iPod in her hands. A heavy bass line with thumping drumbeat and a screaming vocalist suddenly belted out through hidden speakers. The music was angry and frenzied, no doubt setting the pace for a tough workout to help Cassie battle her inner demons.
“Usually, I’d be sparring, beating the crap out of someone.”
I reached over and adjusted the volume to something less ear-splitting. “How about we start off with something that won’t result in me needing surgery?”
Finally, the smile returned to her face as she laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re going to take the fun out of this for me? C’mon, Ad, don’t you want the full experience?”
Keeping a straight face, I stroked a gentle trail over her jaw, along the exposed flesh of her shoulder. “Yes please,” I murmured, my voice seductively dropping an octave.
Secretly elated by the way she seemed to lean unconsciously into my touch, I traced my fingers along her face again. She felt warm, her skin silky soft and inviting.
I suddenly wanted more, needed to know if her skin felt that smooth all over. Stepping closer, I swallowed deeply and trailed my fingertips down her neck and along her collarbone.
A heavy exhalation had me snapping my attention to Cassie’s face. She’d closed her eyes, her head tilted in a way that indicated pleasure. Did she feel what I felt?
I took a tentative step, edging closer until there was barely any space between our bodies. I could feel her warmth through my clothing, further tantalising my need to give more, and to take more. My body ignited into a furnace of lust and desire, heated from Cassie’s presence and the need to touch her.
Running the risk that I was stepping into creeper territory and could end up with a kick to the groin, I wrapped my free arm around her waist and tugged gently, pulling her against my chest. We’d been in this position before, several times, but this time it felt different; this time I held her because I was sure I’d stop breathing if I didn’t. Touching her didn’t seem like enough; I wanted to bury my face in her glossy hair and inhale the scent of her fruity shampoo. I needed to slide my lips across hers and taste what I knew would be her sweetness.
Slowly, I lowered my head and brushed my lips over hers. They were just as I’d imagined, soft, plump, and warm.
I needed more.
Pulling her in closer, I pressed my lips against hers with more force, demanding they feel the intensity of my sudden desire to claim them.
I felt her gently shudder and with a breathy gasp, she whispered, “Adam... what are you doing?”
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E.J. lives in West London, England, with her partner, son and two cats. Yes, the cats are important. One provides a great source of comfort in those moments when all train of thought is lost and the words just won’t come. The other often halts the writing process with his incessant meowing. But they are her babies.

She has always enjoyed reading, but found it was mostly just a holiday extravagance. Then she discovered a certain worldwide best seller, and that was it, she was hooked.

Friends and family started telling her she should give writing a go and she persistently brushed off their ridiculous suggestions. Then one morning an idea for a story formed in her head. That idea became a paragraph, the paragraph became a chapter, and a chapter became the twenty-four you see in Silver Lining.

E.J. is on one amazing roller coaster at the moment, meeting new and wonderful people, discovering new music gems to integrate into her stories, and learning new skills. She is excited to see where this journey takes her.
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