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REVIEW Stacey McCoy Reanimation

Title: Reanimation 
Series: Reanimation Trilogy#1
Author: Stacey McCoy
Genre: Paranormal
Publication Date: May 26, 2017


Rylan should be 45 years old.

His heart should beat regularly and pump blood through his veins.

His skin should feel warm, not ice cold and free of imperfections.

Rylan is a vampire and he will never be human again.

When Rylan meets Kady he falls irreversibly in love with her. A long lasting and physical relationship is impossible with him being a vampire and she a mere human.

But what if there were a way they could be together? What if there were a way to reverse the disease that possesses his body?

Kady’s father, Dr Allister Matthews, is a world renowned stem cell researcher who has found a way to cure vampires of their disease.

The process is called Reanimation.

The question is, if you were a young, indestructible vampire gifted with immense power, unattainable speed and unimaginable wealth set to live for an eternity and you were given the chance to reanimate back into a slow, weak, vulnerable human being, would you do it?

Would you do it for love?





Amazon/Goodreads Rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination: 10/10

This book is very different from normal vampire books. In this one a cure has been created to cure the vampire disease and turn them back into a human. When I read the description of this book I had a feeling I would really enjoy this book and I wasn't disappointed. I definitely felt more of a closeness to Rylan and Kady but still really liked all the characters in this book. The only thing I didn't care for too much was how quickly Kady and Allister forgave Noreen. I think there should of been more there instead of a quick forgiveness once her story was told. I still really enjoyed this book besides that one thing. I didn't want this book to end so I'm definitely glad that the author mentioned at the end there will be another book. I can't wait to read book 2. I will say that if you like vampire books you should give this one a try. 

I received an Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Author Bio: 

I’m a happy farmer’s wife and a dedicated mother of two. I work part-time on our farm and rarely want to do anything other than write in my spare time.

I’ve only been writing since September 2014 and even though it’s taken a long time for me to realise what it is I want to do with my life (regarding career choice) and I can’t tell you how comfortable and confident I feel when I write.

Why do I write? Because I want to make people cry, laugh, feel every aching heartbreak and moment of pure elation and point of ecstasy my characters experience.

Admitting to myself and others that I wanted to write and become a published author, at first, was confusing and scary to them and me. Never had I thought it be possible that I write more than one full length novel…but I have and now I am a published author.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this novel and all future novels yet to be published by me.

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