Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sneak Peek of Right Here Waiting!

Ever since I started this story, I've been exited to share it. I love both these characters. Right Here Waiting is the tale of 29 year-old therapist, Meg Miles and 27 year-old soldier, Lieutenant Neil Murphy. If you read Back to December, you might remember Meg - she's Emily's best friend. You know, the crazy, sexy, adventurous one. Except, is Meg who everyone thinks? Maybe not. Maybe even her very best, lifelong friend doesn't know her as well as she believes. For Neil's part, he has been best friends with Danny Williams since the age of three. You haven't met Neil before now. Dan, you might recall, is the one who marries Emily's sister, Charlie. Neil hasn't been around much in recent years because he has been stationed far away from Maine.

Now, some of you might know (and I've probably said it here), that I'm a sucker for a soldier character. Do you think that would be any less true if I wrote one? No, of course not. And I fell, hard, for Neil while I wrote him. He's a closet alpha male, so used to being the geek that he doesn't even realize he's just as much an alpha as his Army buddies. But he's also a gentle soul, a kind man as loyal as they come. He's just the type of guy a girl like Meg needs - someone who can be everything she desires and can make her heart whole at the same time.

Here's the first little sneak peek at Neil. It'll give you an idea of the man he is inside his brawny, formidable soldier physique - the shy, nerdy boy he was before his hormones caught up to his mind and the Army made him into a force of nature. Here, Neil is helping his best friend, Danny, get ready for his wedding, along with the groomsmen from the wedding party (which includes Emily's ex, Josh). An hour or so before this, Neil ran into Meg in the hallway. See, Neil has had a crush on Meghan since he was 14, which Dan well knows...

I saw her. She helped me bring my stuff into my room,” Neil admitted.
Ohhh!” five male voices chorused.
Neil blushed. “It wasn't like that. She just took my bag for me and brought it inside.”
There was another round of male stupidity. You'd think he would be used to this by now, living on an Army base, but Neil was still the shy kid when these things were lobbed at him. When he wasn't the victim, he usually just kept as quiet as possible.
Yeah, okay. Make jokes. She didn't look to me like she was tramping it up or anything. She was just wearing summer clothes and no makeup.”
Wait until you see her at the wedding. And it's not tramping it up; Meg doesn't do tramp. She does vixen. Watch out, my friend. She has you in her sights if she helped you already.”
Oh, stop. She does not. She was just being nice.”
She's on the prowl. There's no such thing as being nice when she's looking for someone to take her mind off her man trouble.”
Neil just shook his head. They all thought they knew her so well, but he didn't believe any of that for a second. Oh, sure, it might be true, but that didn't mean they were being accurate.

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