Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Synopsis of Right Here Waiting

I'd written a synopsis of Right Here Waiting a while ago. But over the course of the last few months, the tone of the story has changed a little, and I wanted the description - which is the first thing people see - to reflect the true nature of the story and also to recognize that we hear from both main characters. So, without further ado, here's the synopsis for Right Here Waiting. I can't wait to share this story with you all!

Right Here Waiting

Every high school has that girl. She's the one the boys talked about in the locker room, the piece of ass they all wanted or said they'd had. The one all the other girls hated because their boyfriends had her first or because they wished they could be so free with their sexuality. Meghan Miles wore that mantle. Too bad the reputation hadn't been earned. Despite being best friends since birth with Emily Ward, the class goody two-shoes, everyone had believed Meg slept with every boy she'd dated and even some she hadn't. Well, almost everyone.

And every high school has one of those boys. When Neil Murphy saw Meghan Miles for the first time at the age of 14, his breath caught and he finally understood why real girls were such a big deal. Never mind that he would be a big, strong soldier someday, scrawny, shrimpy, nerdy Neil, a whole two years younger and three grades behind, knew he had no chance with the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. But, when the rumors flew about Megan's kinky, slutty behavior, Neil refused to believe them, instead using the manners he'd been taught in a military home, and his keen skills of observation, to conclude the high school gossip mill had gotten it wrong.

A chance encounter her senior year with the sweet, geeky boy who had admired her from afar would change Meg's life for the better and would ensure that Neil could never fully expel her from his mind. Twelve years later, when fate finally brings the two of them together again at the wedding of mutual friends, it seems destined for them to make a connection.

But as a Lieutenant in the Army, Neil has to spend the next nine months in Afghanistan. Can their fledgling relationship survive a wartime courtship? Though aided by technology to keep the feelings alive, the reality of the situation means that Neil's life is as in danger as it would have been before the age of computers. If the worst happens, and Neil doesn't make it home in one piece, will Meg find the strength to trust in destiny and do the right thing? Or will she lose everything she loves – including her best friend – along the way?

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