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Author: C.A. Gray

Narrator: Melissa Williams

Series: The Liberty Box series, Book 2

Length: 7 hours 19 minutes

Publisher: Wanderlust Publishing

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

The refugee caves have been destroyed, and most of the refugees are dead. The Potentate now knows of their existence and will stop at nothing to wipe them out completely. He suspects that terrorist Jackson MacNamera is among them, as well as reporter Kate Brandeis's fiancé, hacker Will Anderson - and probably therefore Kate herself. Now that the Potentate is aware of security threats, most of the strategies the rebels used to get back onto the grid before now no longer work. The Potentate knows the rebels are on foot, and he knows they were at the caves not long ago. They can't get far.
The remaining rebels, among them Jackson and Kate, have Kate's fiancé Will to thank for their survival: he arrived back from the dead and in the nick of time, bearing classified information about the Potentate's plans to expand his influence internationally. But the remaining rebels and the Council cannot agree on whether their top priority should be spreading truth far and wide and freeing as many citizens from government control as possible, knowing that they will likely die in the process, or escaping to New Estonia, in hopes that they might live out the rest of their days in peace.
Kate, meanwhile, finds herself torn between Jackson and the fiancé she thought she lost, and between the damsel-in-distress she once was, and the rebel she believes she has always been underneath. Whether the other hunters will support her or no, she knows she must use her influence over the people of the Republic to tell them the truth, no matter the cost. But is she strong enough to withstand the government's lies?
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By day, C.A. Gray is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) with a primary care practice in Tucson, AZ, and she writes medical books under her real name (Dr. Lauren Deville). She lives with her husband, with whom she maintains a facetiously contentious movie review blog, and travels as often as they can get away. When not writing or seeing patients, she does yoga, drinks red wine while eating dark chocolate, and consumes audiobooks like there’s no tomorrow!  


Narrator Bio
Melissa lives with her family, including two dogs and a cat, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado. After having a corporate job for most of her life, and as a self-proclaimed introvert, she decided to leave corporate America to work from home. Voice overs had always tugged at her heart as something she would like to explore, so she attended some classes and landed with a company that taught her how to break in to the industry. Loving to read, she explored the fast growing world of audiobooks and fell in love with it. She has ten audiobooks under her belt and is currently working on the 11th. Understanding that she should always be learning how to improve her skills, she is currently working with Sean Pratt. When not talking to herself in a padded room, she can be found walking her dog, singing or fishing the Arkansas River.
  I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by C.A. Gray. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


 This is a story of what America was founded on- rebelling against an oppressive leader.  I love that the story is plausible.  The characters are flawed and real. They love.  They hate and have doubts.  I like Jackson's advise about meditating.  It was so good to see that the characters had both loyalty and their own agendas.  I am so happy to see a female character that starts to learn to not be a victim or damsel in distress but is willing to step up and fight.  I love that their plans don't always work.  I like the author's way of comparing the world before the fall of the US and after the republic is put in place.  I love the which of point of views.  It gives a great wholeness to the story.  
The book is filled with lessons on loyalty, survival, keeping emotions in check and thinking for yourself.  The story will appeal to both boys or girls. lots of both strong, relatable male and female characters.  It has some surprises which kept me wanting to know what will happen next.  It is a great story to show comparisons, cooperation, good versus evil, overcoming fear, and not just following the norm but to think for yourself.  It does have some mature situations such as people being killed and beaten up and hunting and fishing details.  I like that it doesn't contain any foul language or sexual situations. 
The narrator, Melissa Williams, is wonderful at using infliction to help keep the
story alive.  The changes in her voice helps keep each character is which of 
the characters is speaking. Her voice changes the same way for that character
throughout the story.   Her voice is easy to listen to and very clear.  She uses pauses and emotions in the story that match the characters so well.  Great book and wonderful audible story.  I think these books would make a great
Amazon/Goodreads rating: 4.5/5
In Patti's Imagination:  9/10

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