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Author: C.A. Gray

Narrator: Melissa Williams

Series: The Liberty Box series, Book 3

Length: 7 hours 26 minutes

Publisher: Wanderlust Publishing

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

The haven city of Beckenshire has been demolished, and most of the rebels lie beneath the rubble. The few that remain scramble to communicate with the outside world, knowing that if they are to stand a chance in the coming war, they can't do it alone. In a last ditch effort to grow their ranks, the remaining rebels systematically destroy the repeaters which help to propagate the control center signals. And it's working: citizens in targeted cities are waking up in droves. But Ben Voltolini will stop at nothing to quell the uprising before it has a chance to get off the ground. And he has one major ace up his sleeve: Kate Brandeis. During Kate's broadcast to the nation, Voltolini unleashed targeted brainwave signals against her, causing her to allow both Jackson MacNamera's capture, and her own. Now, despite Voltolini's exquisite wining and dining, she can't seem to stop the panic attacks. Whom can she trust? What is truth? Is there even such a thing? Meanwhile, imprisoned and hopeless, Jackson realizes the depths of his feelings for Kate only after he has already lost her. The incredible self-control upon which he prides himself gets put to the ultimate test when he meets an unlikely ally who just may turn the tide in the rebels' favor - but only if Jackson can put aside his own bitterness. In this gripping conclusion to The Liberty Box Trilogy, new and surprising alliances are formed, passions run high, and our heroes learn what they are really made of. Do they have what it takes to fight for freedom - even if it means paying the ultimate price?
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By day, C.A. Gray is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) with a primary care practice in Tucson, AZ, and she writes medical books under her real name (Dr. Lauren Deville). She lives with her husband, with whom she maintains a facetiously contentious movie review blog, and travels as often as they can get away. When not writing or seeing patients, she does yoga, drinks red wine while eating dark chocolate, and consumes audiobooks like there’s no tomorrow!  


Narrator Bio
Melissa lives with her family, including two dogs and a cat, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado. After having a corporate job for most of her life, and as a self-proclaimed introvert, she decided to leave corporate America to work from home. Voice overs had always tugged at her heart as something she would like to explore, so she attended some classes and landed with a company that taught her how to break in to the industry. Loving to read, she explored the fast growing world of audiobooks and fell in love with it. She has ten audiobooks under her belt and is currently working on the 11th. Understanding that she should always be learning how to improve her skills, she is currently working with Sean Pratt. When not talking to herself in a padded room, she can be found walking her dog, singing or fishing the Arkansas River.
  I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by C.A. Gray. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


This is a wonderful story of thinking for yourself.not following blindly, to see the world as it really is.  It is a story of
revolution, of determination and courage  The story is of people who had to learn to survive and even thrive.  I liked how Kate must choose between her old life and being a mindless follower or courageously brave the unknown
to gain freedom from an oppressive leader that she previously helped. What would you chose?  Easy life of ignorant bliss or the dangerous, heartbreaking reality of hardship and eeking out life.  
This is an action packed story. Kate is a wonderful strong female role model who is not perfect, but very brave and who does what she feels is right even if she is not following the majority's thoughts. This is the third book in the trilogy and it has quite a lot of story in it.  The author ties up loose ends but doesn't rush the end.  This is the one that shows the good guys and the bad guys blurr.  Kate has unlikely allies and enemies.  It keeps you guessing as to how it will end.  It is a theme of not to be lead blindly.  It is so plausible and relatable to present day and Revolutionary War, too.  This trilogy would make an excellent movie which will appeal to both boys and girls.
The narrator, Melissa Williams, does a wonderful job bringing this epic story to life by using voice changes and emotional inflection.  She has a very clear voice and reads at a moderate pace making it easy to listen.  I didn't
find myself losing interest or being distracted while listening to this story.  I am going to look for more books she narrates.  I love that the action continues, the danger is high and the edge of your seat feeling lasted through each of the books. I look forward to read more by this author. 

Amazon/Goodreads: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination: 10/10

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