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Life In The Atmosphere : How to Discover Your Own Greatness by [Wilson, Anthony]

Book Info:

Title: Life in the Atmosphere
Author: Anthony Wilson
Genre: Young Adult  Action Sci Fi
Publication Date: January 19, 2018


Jahlil Adams is just a regular teenager. In fact, you could say that he is “super regular” with his glasses, comic books, and cheap fashion sense. He doesn’t want popularity. He doesn’t want a pretty girlfriend. He wants to just be who he is. Well that and not to be bullied by Max Maniac. 

Yet, everything changes once Mr. Malachi gave Jahlil a necklace that he didn’t even want. 
After that, everything was not the same. In fact, Jahlil began to realize that there was much more to who he was. There was much more to who Mr. Malachi was. There was much more to his existence. The lid of limitations was lifted from Jahlil’s life. 
Now, all that mattered was the limitations that the sky had to offer. 

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Review :

This is an excellent story for those who have been bullied.  I was a bullied child and wished I had this book to read when I was in school.  The plot is smoothly written.  It is suspenseful and adventurous and touching.  It had me guessing who is really a threat to Jahlil.  It is a book filled with relatable and loveable characters.  Jahlil is a wonderful character, who tells the tale of his high school life and beyond.  The sky is truly the limit for this young man's future.  I love that the author uses words and idioms that a high school child might use and some that were probably because he spoke more to his mom than his classmates which made it so much more real to me.  I can see this book becoming a must read in schools.  It is a book I would recommend to young readers on a fourth grade to adult reading level.  Sometimes it is hard to find books that can be written for younger readers but relatable to older children.   It is a page turner for reluctant readers.  This is a great book for all those reads.   I will look for this author's books to read again. I will recommend this to my family and friends with young readers.   I have become a fan. 

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