Sunday, July 14, 2013


Two things. I forgot to post that I'm on Twitter now. Oops. I posted on Twitter about my blog, but forgot to post about Twitter on the blog. Confused, yet? LOL. My Twitter handle is @PKorbetAuthor. I don't tweet all the time, but I do occasionally. The second thing is another Back to December teaser...

“You've ruined me for other men. You're stuck with me now.”
“I prefer to think of it as fortunate you let me still keep your company.”
“However you want to label it, just take me to bed and show me how much you missed me this week.”
“What makes you think I missed you?” he teased, taking off his pants.
She pushed him against the wall, pressing her naked body into his and he gasped. “That,” she said, smiling, and he scooped her into his arms, carrying her to the bedroom.

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