Thursday, July 18, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine

I'm posting a new excerpt from Back to December today, but it's more fun when the blog posts aren't just book blurbs, right? Right. Yesterday, I was checking out something on goodreads, a series by an author whose book I'd just read. And, WHAM! I see the image I had picked as the cover art for Back to December. I thought, DAMN! The good news was that I hadn't actually purchased anything, yet, just made a mock up of the cover. And, thus, went the search for an image. Thankfully, my aunt, author Laurie Breton (who is helping me get this thing off the ground) is smart and she suggested I start at the end of the image list. DUH, why didn't I think of that?

So, now I've got a new image for Back to December which I actually like more than the original. I did love the very first one I chose, but it vanished, POOF! This new one is better than both the other two for lots of reasons. One of which is because, at one point, Emily and Rob take a selfie and post it to Twitter. This new cover, I think, hearkens to that moment in the story. Which is actually a huge moment for Emily and for their relationship. Life is about making lemonade out of the lemons, right? And I always love a book cover that is truly relevant to the story in an obvious way once you've read it.

It also got me thinking about the other books in the series, all of which I had cover art in mind. Book #2, Only One, was the most important to deal with next, so I found an image that I like and it is somewhat similar in look and intent to the original idea, but it's actually a lot better choice, I think. It was also many pages back in the search (shown by popularity). Now I've got new mock ups for every story that's in progress, including books #6.5 and #7. And I was actually kind of giddy about them, so I take that as a good sign.

Also yesterday? I followed a few new pages on Twitter. Holy Frak! My feed exploded. Wow. And I don't follow nearly as many people as others do. So mind numbing. Truly. I was discussing social media management stuff with someone the other day (a real world friend who also happens to technically be family) and I'm sure it's something that will be a necessity soon enough.

I need a character who uses the word frak all the time. All you BSG fans know what I'm talking about. Jus' sayin'. Okay, now I'm just mumbling. Here's the latest snippet...

Emily is having a little freak out because she's had a conversation with her sister, Charlie, and realized that Rob spent a ton of money on her recently. Like to the tune of what you and I spend on a wedding (okay, to the tune of what I spent on my wedding, at least!) Small town girl Emily is having a moment and Rob needs to talk her down from it. And when I wrote and re-read this passage, it makes me laugh. Every time. Maybe that's just me, but it does. And I needed a good laugh. So here it is:

Emily put her head in her hands. “You didn't buy me anything else ridiculously expensive did you?”
“Define ridiculously expensive.”
“Like more than a mortgage payment. And I don't mean million dollar home mortgage, I mean average American mortgage.”
He hesitated and Emily looked at him like he had to be kidding. “Well, the other stuff wasn't more than that combined. But the shoes might be.”
“Shoes? What shoes?”
“For the gala. I told Christopher to do the same for you that he does for Amy. She likes shoes. Sometimes they're expensive, but I figure it's the least I can do when I drag her to everything.”
“Oh, my God, Rob. You can't buy me designer shoes!”
“You don't like designer shoes?”
“I don't know if I like designer shoes! I'm not Charlie; I don't buy expensive shoes. But I do know that you can't buy me stuff like that! We just started dating! You're not helping me feel less like a whore, here!”
“Em, you're not a whore. Stop saying that. And I bought my mom and Amy both a piece of jewelery to keep the first time they went to a red carpet event with me, too. Do you think I consider them to be whores?”
“Then why would you believe I think that of you?” She had no response to that.
“Look, Em, I told you the first night that one of the things I liked about you was that you're not that kind of girl. You're beautiful and put together but you don't look like it's the only thing that matters to you. And I may have wanted to rip off all your clothes and make passionate love to you the second you kissed me, but I didn't think of you as that kind of girl, either. And I love that about you! I love that this thing between us, this amazing sexual energy isn't your usual thing. It's not mine, either. Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy and I like sex. A lot. But I've never had what I have with you with anyone else. I've never wanted someone all the time like this. I've never wanted to try anything and everything. You know you're not the latest in a long line of women. I told you that already. But I didn't tell you that I wasn't exactly adventurous before, either.”
“You weren't?”
“So, some of the things we've done are new for you, too?”
“Not all of them, but, yes. Most of them.”
“Really?” He nodded. “Then where did you learn it?”
He laughed. “The same place most guys do. I watched movies and read the Kama Sutra.”
“You've read the Kama Sutra?”
“Well, technically, I own it, too. That and The Joy of Sex.”
Emily giggled. “You own them?”
“Why, do you want to read them?” he teased.
She shyly shrugged. “Maybe.”
Rob laughed. “Any time you want to read them, feel free. They're in the night stand on the opposite side of the bed from the condoms.”
“Seriously. And if you find something you want to try, just let me know.”
She smiled at him. “Thanks.”
“For telling you that you can read my sex books?”
She laughed. “No. For making me feel better.”
“Oh, there are more ways I could make you feel better...” he flirted.
“See, that just makes me feel like whore again...” she said, trying to keep a straight face.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean...”
“I'm teasing. Only teasing. I wouldn't mind if you want to make me feel better. I seem to recall that you were about to kiss me when Annie called...”
“I was. Did you want me to kiss you?”
“Yes, please.”

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