Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to December is LIVE!

It's official! Back to December is now LIVE on Amazon! I'm ecstatic. So, head over there and make an author feel good about herself. Tell your friends, tweet it to the world, spread the news. And I'll sit here and try not to think too hard about the fact that now my writing is no longer just for me. It's thrilling and terrifying all at the same time!

Meanwhile, I thought we were going to the beach today, but that's not happening. For one, the temps are supposed to hover around 70 - not exactly ocean weather. For another, my husband called and informed me that a whale carcass is being devoured by Great White Sharks off the coast of Boothbay. Say what? Yeah, don't think we want to give the kids a fear of the water when that's a very, very rare occurrence. Jaws wasn't real, people! But damn if that's not freaky. Aaaand now I'm reading that this isn't as unlikely as I thought. Lovely. Jawswasn'treal. Jawswasn'treal. Jawswasn'treal. If I say it three times fast, it makes it true, right?

With the beach and even the lake not in the cards (too breezy), that means I'm going to be painting. It's good painting weather. And now that the book is out there, I need to work on some other things for a bit. I want to whine and say, Do I have to? But if I'm going to get my husband to let me be a writer without the look of disdain, I need to pull my weight. And I've been skimming the surface as I made the push to get this first book published. The first time you do anything new is always the hardest. I learned so much over the past nine months. Now I can take those lessons and get the next story out there more efficiently.

I've set up an author page over at Amazon: (this link won't be live for a bit). And I'll have one at Goodreads soon, too. If you were already my friend on Goodreads, my page will merge with my author page so you'll automatically be friends with my author page. If not, you can find me there - my profile name has been changed to Patti Korbet (it used to just be my first name), so just look for me and friend me now. I added Back to December on Goodreads this morning.

I hope you all enjoy Back to December! Stay tuned for teasers and updates about Book 2.

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