Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is it...

It's official; I uploaded the file for Back to December to Kindle just a short time ago. When it's live - meaning available for purchase - I'll let you all know here, at Facebook and on Twitter. To say this is a long time coming is a ridiculously immense understatement.

But time moves forward and while this book is finally ready to make its debut, the rest of the series still needs to be finished.

While I waited on my final edits - the last read through by my mentor/editor/aunt, author Laurie Breton - I worked on the concluding story in this series, Better Be Home Soon. When you read Back to December, you'll meet Emily's family, including her youngest sister, Charlie. Little sis' engagement is what gets the ball rolling both in Emily's life and in this series. It only makes sense to tell Charlie's story last. But get this: when I started the story, I thought I knew what was going to happen. And then I was writing and BLAM! Nope. Wrong, sucka!

Did I mention before that I subscribe to the Stephen King philosophy of writing? At least to an extent. Like Maine's most successful author, I believe I'm the vessel for the story. That it's my job to uncover the fossil and piece it together. The more I write, the more I understand this to be true. The last 24 hours while I wrote for Charlie, that could not have been more evident. Here I was, writing bits about Charlie and Dan in Back to December, and guess what? I still hadn't found the overall arc for the series nor had I found a solid story for their entry. But I've found it. And I love it. And you know what I love more? That those hints about Charlie and Dan make so much sense now. Love. That.

So, next on the agenda is Liam's story. It's called Only One and you'll see a sample at the end of Back to December in the form of the prologue. Liam, as you will soon discover, is Emily's bodyguard. But he's so much more than that, both to Emily and in this series. His story is done, but there are significant edits left and I suspect it will be some time before we get it uploaded.

For one, my editor has her own book to write. Her fans will thank me for that. It means a lot of writing for her and a lot of reading/editing for me.

Fortunately, I can do both at the same time. For another, I learned so much this last time around and I plan to send a much more thoroughly edited draft to Laurie before she makes her suggestions this time.

Meanwhile, I'm pooped. We had a fun evening with my inlaws to celebrate my MIL's birthday. The kids had a fantastic time playing with their cousins, I got some yummy Bloody Marys and a scrumptious, hard-shell lobster. It was a lovely way to spend a summer evening. But I'm tired. So I'll read until I fall asleep and pick up writing and promoting in the morning.

Thanks for being on this journey with me! The ride isn't over yet! It's just getting started...

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