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Release Day Blitz - NEED YOU NOW by Mika Jolie

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Need You Now

Martha’s Way Book 2
 By Mika Jolie
Release Date: November 19, 2014
Publisher Secret Cravings Publishing


Elementary school teacher Liliana Serrano has never been one to let others determine her future. Whether it’s her pack of three overly protective brothers or her Puerto-Rican, American heritage, she stands on her own. Which is exactly how she entered her arrangement with Adam Aquilani. The hot formula one driver is aloof, detached and not interested in relationship. After a cheating fiancé, no strings attached sex was just what she needed. Except one year later, they’re still hooking up and things aren’t so clear cut anymore. Especially when a surprise pregnancy enters the picture. Adam is determined to marry Lily and raise their child as a family. But Lily refuses to settle for anything less than love. As the two go on a journey of discovering, secrets are revealed, testing the strength of their connection. Can they learn not to give the past the power to define their future? Need You Now is book two of the Martha’s Way Series. This book is a stand-alone story and you do not need to read book one to read this installment.


Amazon/Goodreads rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 9.5/10

While I was reading The Scale, I was asked if I wanted to read Need You Now for an honest review, since I was participating in the tour already. By that point in The Scale, I was in love with these characters and probably couldn't have said YES fast enough! Not only did Mika live up to my expectations, she exceeded them.

Jason and Minka made a great, interesting and sexy couple, but Adam and Lily scorched the page. Strong female characters win with me every time, and I liked how Mika balanced Lily's desire to stand on her own with the undeniable pull Adam had on her. Lest we think this was one-sided, Mika gives us Adam's point of view and lets the reader know, Lily's ideas in her head don't mesh with Adam's true feelings, even if he's hesitant to admit that. See, Adam holds a lot of pain inside, and he's not used to letting people in the way that he wants Lily to be a part of his soul. They both have to work past their personal hang-ups and move forward together. Each character grew in their own way over the course of the story, and in the end, that's what I need to see.

For me, stories are all about the characters. A story with characters who move me can make a contrived plot and bland settings seem reasonable, and they almost always get at least 3 stars from me. But this story, it was one which excelled all around. The plot had some interesting developments (which I won't divulge to avoid spoilers) and made me love Adam and Lily even more. While I read, it seemed as if I was there with the characters on Martha's Vineyard. Yet, it didn't appear that I was reading about a bunch of spoiled rich people in the way it could have if the story was written by a less-talented author. And the secondary characters, well, they're fabulous. We learned a little more about Minka and Jason, glimpsed some additional Claire and Forrest, and peeked at Blake and Keely. Then there were Lily's brothers...oh, I cannot wait to have more of them!

It all adds up to a story I did not want to put down. Was it perfect? No. But when I'm wishing the next book was ready, I know it's a stellar read. Thanks for letting me go on this adventure with you, Mika!

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“I need more, Adam. I need stability and tame.”

He sat back. “Tame,” he repeated.

“You’re not tame,” she said sadly. “You can never be tamed.”

He brushed a hand over his jaw and let out a breath. “You want boring.”


He pushed his chair back, came to his full height and extended his hand to her. Puzzled, she looked at him. “I’ll walk you out.”

With a slight lip press, she absorbed the unexpected shock of disappointment and lowered her head to keep it from reflecting on her face. What did she expect? For him to fight for them, or even worse, try to convince her to stay.

“I want you, Liliana,” Adam admitted, his voice very quiet. “When I touch you, I melt. When I think of you touching me, I lose myself.”

Life needed to go easy on her. It just wasn’t right for him to tell her things like that. To whisper it as if she were the love of his life while he was breaking her heart.

“But I don’t fit the mold of your ideal guy. I can never be that person.”

There was a hint of regret in his voice that pulled at her heart. Lily glanced at him, his expression clouded. When she didn’t place her hand in his, he dropped his extended hand to his side and waited for her to join him.

This is it, she thought and stood. The end. No more Adam. No more secret smiles or early morning phone calls. She walked ahead of him, heading for the exit. Her heart beat a slow ache in her chest. She stumbled, almost tripping down the stairs. She quickly reached for the wall to catch her balance but he was already by her side, strong arms around her waist. Their faces inches away.

“Don’t fall,” he whispered. His gaze on her mouth.

The warning came too late. She already had.

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Author of contemporary sensual, empowered romance, with fun, relatable characters. I’m also a wife, and mommy to 2 energizer bunnies. Member of Secret Cravings Publishing. When I do have time to breathe, I like to run, hike with my camera at hand, and work on my gardening and knitting skills. I promised my husband I’d knit him a scarf…that was 5 years ago. For latest news on my current WIP, interviews with fellow authors, or just to see what I’m up to, check out my blog:  Join me in my journey. 

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