Friday, November 21, 2014

Times, they are a changin'...*

Hi, everyone! A lot is happening in my world these days. One such thing is that the purpose of this blog is changing. You may (or may not) notice content disappear. That is because the author associated with this account will soon not exist as you've always known her.

The blog, however, will continue to be a place which supports authors, especially Indies and those who need it most. We'll be working with tour organizers as well as posting reviews on our own. It seemed a shame to terminate the relationships I've built over the last year as a blogger just because my writing career is coming to a close. As a reader, I love to support the authors whose books I enjoy and those new to the scene who need some extra help spreading the word about their work.

Another thing that will be different? Did you notice I said 'we'll'? That's because this is no longer a writing blog, but is a book blog. Leanne Smith Coulson, Anita Biškup and Connie McElfresh will be joining Patti Korbet here as bloggers/reviewers. We're hoping to gain a few more reviewers eventually, but for now, the four of us will post reviews on the blog.

Each day, the sun sets and it ushers in a brief period of darkness before a new morning. My career as author Patti Korbet it setting, but In Patti's Imagination is getting ready to break a new dawn. Join us, won't you?

*Edited to include our additional bloggers, who joined the team shortly after I posted this.

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