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BLOG TOUR - GL Chapple's FREED BY HIM (Fighting Free Series)


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Title: Freed by Him
Series: Fighting Free Series
Author: GL Chapple
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Suspense
Release date: November 19th 2015




He hurt me He broke me He almost destroyed me Nobody was ever going to do that to me again. I learnt to fight back. I made myself tougher, harder, stronger. I didn't want or need anyone. Until Nate Masters. Until he made me feel, want and need Then my carefully constructed world began falling apart around me. Secrets shattering my faith in those closest to me and with the nightmare from my past pushing its way back into my present, I don't know how much strength I have left to fight with… Could I trust him? Give someone the power to hurt me again? He's determined to break me free from behind my walls of self preservation I'm just not sure I'm ready or willing to be Freed by Him....

***Due to possible ‘triggers’ and adult nature of this book it is not intended for those under 18.


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He looked over at me, annoyance on his features. "Last time you had sex with a woman?" he demanded.

I spluttered "Gramps! You want me to tell you the last time I was with a woman?" I asked incredulously. 

"I'm not interested in the last time you gave your wrist a work out!" He deadpanned, and I barked out a laugh at him,

"Jesus, Gramps! Can't you be like other old men?!" I shook my head at him but he still looked at me, waiting. 

"Bloody hell" I cursed, cringing knowing that he wouldn’t let the conversation go. 

"I dunno why you feel the need to know, 6 days ago. Satisfied?" 

He fixed me with a stare. "You trying to be funny, boy? I've not been satisfied for nearly two weeks. I'm a grown man who fought for his bloody country, and if I want..." 

I interrupted his rant. "Wait! How'd you get it two weeks ago?" I looked at him puzzled, and a slow grin spread over his face. 
"Betty stays here quite regularly, boy. We were just unlucky last night, in that the silly old witch next door fell over."


In Patti's Imagination Rating: 8/10
Amazon Rating: 4/5

This book started with a really sensible scene. And I hurt when it happened. I am not a fan of those kind of scenes. Not because of personal experience but just because I cannot fantom the pain of something like that happening. This however, hadn't taken away from the rating of the story.

The main reason I have given this story four stars was that just before I read this story I have read a five stars book. And I just couldn't give this book five stars when this other book left me in such a good place I sighed in happiness. 

This story is very interesting and is also a cliffy so if you aren't someone who can take one don't read it. I look forward to reading the second part of this story.


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I’m currently a SAHM to two little ones. I live in Wales in the UK and spend a huge amount of time at the beach, despite our climate… I don’t drink any hot drinks despite trying my best to make myself like coffee! I love reading – obviously, writing and music, and hot sunny days which we never get enough of! I’ve dreamed of writing my whole life and would often pen short stories as a child. Unfortunately, life took over and reading and writing were forced to take a back seat for the last few years. Until my husband bought me a kindle last Christmas, and well, suddenly everything changed…

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