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Are you ready to meet Jordan Pike?


Title: Naked Truth
Author: M.D. Sapperstein
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 18, 2016



I knew at a very young age that I wasn't normal. I may look normal. I may act normal. But I am not normal, not in the head at least. Wait, that sounds bad.

When I started kindergarten, I was able to pick out all 50 states on a map. By first grade, I knew all of the names of all of the students and teachers in my entire school. My dad and I always watched football on TV together. When I turned seven, he took me to my first Miami Dolphins game. I started calling the plays even before they were made. And by the time I was 10, I could tell you what happened on any day of my life without thought. I had total recall, no hesitation, no conscious thought.

I’m not autistic. I’m not a savant or a genius. It’s more than a case of photographic memory. In fact, I don’t memorize anything. I have Hyperthymesia. Plain and simple: If I live it, hear it, or see it – I remember it. No exceptions.


I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a cop. Not just any cop, but a detective. Chasing bad guys and taking down mobsters. But like my good buddy, Mick, says, “You can’t always get want you want.”

So instead of arresting criminals and keeping the streets safe, I am dancing in a dingy club, making a living shaking my ass and pulling dollar bills out of my crack. Not the life I grew up wanting to lead. Not what I expected or hoped for myself.

But maybe if I wait it out. If I hang tight, it will all be worth it in the end. I will get what I came for and move on. I will earn my future and pave my own way. What is that he says? “If you try sometimes…you get what you need.” From your lips to God’s ears, Mick.


Amazon/Goodreads rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 10/10

Violet knew from a young age that she was different. She can’t forget things. She has Hyperthymesia. If she sees it, hears it, or lives it, she remembers it, and there are no exceptions. Violet still lives at home with her parents and her sisters. Unlike her sister, she has a job and doesn’t rely on a man to take care of her. Even though she would like to know the customer who comes into her bank every Wednesday like clockwork. But he never comes to her window. 

Jordan (Pike as he is known to his friends) had always wanted to be a cop as a kid. Not just any type of cop, but a detective. Yet, we don’t always get what we want, and he is working as a stripper in South Miami. Every Wednesday, he travels to North Miami where his parents live to deposit his money into the bank. He likes Violet, but is afraid to go to her window so he always goes to the annoying gal’s window. 

Then one rainy Wednesday afternoon, he bumps into Violet outside the bank, and things start to change. 

This was a fast-paced story and an easy read. It is also the first book I’ve read by this author. At times, I thought I had things predicted, but found I was incorrect. Or was I? The story did keep me on my toes, which is something that I love. There were some great scenes full of laughter, sharing new experiences, as well as a few tense and sad moments. As much as I’d love to say more, it is really impossible without spoiling things. 

I can’t wait to read more of Violet and Jordan.


I turn to get into my car and I can feel Jordan at my back. He’s so close, I can feel his body heat. It’s clear that he doesn’t want this night to end as much as I don’t. I’m dying for him to kiss me dirty, but I know when the time is right it’s going to be magical. I slide into the driver’s seat and he leans in for one last kiss. This time on my cheek. He’s getting closer! He stands back up and starts to back away, hands in surrender.

“You better go before I lose control. I’m barely holding on here, Violet.”

I smile. Just his admission is enough. But then I see his hand trying to discreetly adjust himself, and now I know my earlier thoughts were correct. I’m scandalized and pleased at the same time. Knowing - seeing proof - that he is turned on because of me, lights my body on fire, and my panties are suddenly very wet.

“Goo…Good night!” I say one last time, stumbling over my words and too embarrassed by my body’s reaction to make eye contact. I really need to go before I do or say something stupid.

“Soon, sweetheart,” is the last thing I hear from his lips, and I spend the night wondering what exactly he is promising.

Hi! My name is M.D. Saperstein. I am currently a stay at home mom with my two gorgeous kids. I wasn't always a full time mom, though. After graduating from the University of Florida - Go Gators! - I attended law school at Stetson University. I spent the next 10 years practicing law. I also spent some time counseling mental health patients in an out patient psychiatric hospital. But, until having my own children, my most rewarding job by far was licensing families to receive abused and neglected foster children.

So, that brings us to today. In my spare time, while my children were napping, I started editing novels for other authors. The more I edited, the more ready I felt to write my own. I just needed a new and exciting story line. Once Hey There, Delilah was conceived, the ball starting rolling very quickly. I hooked up with fellow author Andria Large, and we decided to tackle it together. Best decision ever!

I spend most of my free time with my husband and children. But when I get some "me" time, I love to read. Mostly romance and erotica, but I don't discriminate - a good book is a good book, no matter the genre.


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