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Title: Living Out Loud
Series: The Living Series Volume 2
Author: Melody Dawn
Genre: NA/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2016
Haunted by a sexual experiment that went awry in his late teens,

Connor Reece knows he isn't safe for any woman.
For six years, he's kept everyone at a distance, until the day his twin brother finds his soulmate.
When Connor is introduced to her best friend, Madison McKinley, she becomes the light in his dark world.
Both are attracted to each other, but neither believe in love.
Until they receive news that changes everything. 
Can Connor convince Madison to take a chance on him?
Or will their trust issues deny them the chance at an epic love story?


Amazon/Goodreads Rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 10/10

Living Out Loud is a part of The Living Series by Melody Dawn.  We first meet Connor Reece in To Live Again.  You could potentially read this book as a stand alone but there is so much chemistry between the characters, especially being the Reece twins, that you really should read the earlier books in the series.  
Even though Connor has a twin brother, he is different than his brother. Don't get me wrong, he is really close with his brother and family but some things are just too embarrassing for him to share.  Well thanks to a sexual experiment that goes wrong when he was 17, his parents learn about his secret.   I love how the Reece family is so connected to each other.  The love they have can really be felt as if you are a part of this family.  The author allows the reader to be right there with them through the laughs and tears.
Since 17, Connor doesn’t want to take a chance with women. The woman seem to know the deal, one night only and then it's over.  Then his brother meets his soulmate and Connor's life is turned upside down because he meets the best friend and roommate of his brother's girl.
Madison McKinley has her own childhood issues that she will not commit to anyone either.  She doesn’t believe in love because of the secrets she learned at the age of 16.   When it comes to relationships, she doesn’t have them.  The guys love her since she doesn’t expect anything from them.   Her shattered past is why her view on relationships is similar to Connor’s.  Meeting Connor threatens to change both their lives.   Will they be able to work through their baggage and commit to each other or are they just to broken to fix each other?
Even knowing what happens with Connor and Madison after reading To Live Again, the parallel to this book, I was not able to put the book down.  In this book, there were several things that I wasn’t expecting added to this wonderful story.   
I am very glad there is going to be more in this series.  This book sure kept me wrapped up in it.  I forgot about everything else around me and when I wasn’t able to read I would be thinking about the characters and wondering how the author will get these memorable characters to the ending I knew was coming.  

Chapter Twenty-Seven
The sound of laughter breaks through the hazy comfortable state of near sleep and I open my eyes to see Connor standing before me. Wondering if I’m seeing some sort of vision brought on by my obviously oversexed brain, I blink heavily, only to find him still standing there. Although instead of the beautiful guy I normally see, there is a gorgeous confident man looking oh so edible.
Where as in the past, he’s worn jeans, t-shirts, and even athletic pants, the vision in front of me is wearing black dress pants, a purple shirt that makes his eyes incandescent, along with his suit coat and tie draped over his arm.
Making no attempt to hide that I’m checking him out, I’m drawn right back to his eyes. Connor could be the ugliest guy on earth and still draw attention because of the color and intensity of his eyes. Obviously, he doesn’t have that problem so this makes his eyes even more lethal. Not to mention his mouth…a thing of beauty that should carry its own warning label: death by multiple orgasms.
My mouth is so dry at the moment; it’s hard to speak. I want Connor on any given day, but dressed like this, he’s so sinfully sexy, all I want to do is drop to my knees and taste him. I’m in the process of getting up the nerve to say what I want when he suddenly swings me up out of the double rocker right into his arms. I see the look in his eyes and the whole lower half of my body clenches in need.
As the door shuts behind us, our mouth fuse together and I’m right back where I always went to be: in Connor Reese’s arms. At this thought, a warning sounds in my brain, but I brush it away. I’ll think about it later…later when I’m so wrung out from orgasms, nothing I’m worried about will matter.
I’m so wrapped up in the kiss of the century that I don’t notice Connor dropping his coat and tie on the chair nor do I notice him lowering us onto the loveseat in his living room. What I do notice is him starting to pull away from me. Whimpering at the loss of his mouth, I snuggle into him.
“What’s wrong?” I ask in a quiet voice.
His answer is not what I expect to hear at all.
“Everything with us is always hard and fast. We need to slow things down. Maybe try being friends…not just fucking each other’s brains out all the time.”
I can’t help but tease him, “Well, when you wake me up looking like a GQ model wearing suit porn, how can I help it. And you were the one that snatched me up out of the rocker, remember?”
Ignoring my crack about snatching me up, his nose wrinkles adorably as he asks, “What the fuck is suit porn?”
Grinning at him, I say, “It’s a theory that Chloe and I came up with. Some girls like jeans so that would be jeans porn, Chloe is obsessed with Jayson’s scrubs so we call it “scrubs porn,” and what you’re wearing is definitely class A suit porn. It’s one of my number one fantasies with you.
At the word, “fantasy,” Connor’s eyes darken; I know I’m playing with fire, but I keep going. When I opened my eyes and saw you, the first thing I thought of is I want to get on my knees undo your suit pants, and put my mouth on your cock.”
He doesn’t answer, but I see his erection trying to burst through his pants and the idea that I can bring him to this point make me feel powerful.
His face tightens and there are slashes of red on his cheekbones from arousal. I know he wants to continue what we started earlier so I do just what I described. I lower myself to my knees and reach for his belt buckle. When my hand touches it, he grabs my wrist in a vice grip and his voice snaps out like a sharp whip.
“Stop it, Madison.”
Brushing his hands aside, I get his belt buckle open and that’s when it happens…
I’m momentarily stunned, trying to figure out what he’s doing, when he pulls me from my knees. In a heartbeat, I’m flipped over his lap and I grab on to his ankles to keep from falling. My breath catches in my chest and I try to force out words, but nothing except a squeak comes out.
Connor pulls up my skirt and begins caressing my ass over my panties. In a low voice, he says, “You just had to keep pushing me, didn’t you? One day, you’re going to push too far and I’m not going to stop.”

Melody Dawn is an aspiring contemporary romance author residing in the southern part of the US. She started reading romance novels when she was a teenager and became addicted to Happily Ever After’s. She got her own HEA when she met her soulmate 20 years ago and they have been together ever since. They have two furbabies who think they are Kings of the Castle and require a ton of attention. When she is not reading or writing, she loves to refurbish old furniture into new pieces, scrapbook, and most of all spend time with her main guy.

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