Friday, September 2, 2016


Title: Tyson Caine
Series: Brothers In Arms Book 1
Author: Aleya Michelle
Genre: New Adult Romance
Brothers by blood, friends by choice.
I’m Tyson Caine, the oldest brother of three; I am their keeper, role model, watchful eye.
I’m also seventeen and in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. The hardest part is she’s my best friend and she doesn’t know I love her yet.
Should I risk our friendship for love?
Family Life is average, never a dull moment, especially with our three totally different personalities…
What will happen when chaos & turmoil are thrown upon us?
Can we keep our lifelong bond or will our connection be ripped apart? 
Will the most sacred person to us, our mother, turn her back on us and walk away? 
Can we unite and fight as one, or will the feud turn brother against brother..?
The fight has begun, can it be stopped before it turns into civil war and blood is shed?

Amazon/Goodreads Rating: 4/4 Stars
In Patti's Imagination Rating: 8/8 Stars
Tyson Caine, oldest brother and the one who holds the family together, has the weight of the world at the tender age of 17. His home life is falling apart along with his family and he's in love with his best friend, Brooklyn. Brooklyn has worries of her own but when they're together they help each other forget. When tragedy strikes and the world comes crashing down around him can Tyson hold on to his love or will she too be ripped from him?
I love the strength of Tyson, and the beauty of his relationship with Brooklyn. I could easily feel what he was, and wonder if at 17 I could've handled all he did. This is a great YA read, wonderful pace to it. My only wish is that I could have more of Tyson.
“OMG!!! I seriously loved this story! SQUEAL!!! We see how these two best friends start to develop feelings for each other but they are afraid of ruining their friendship.” ~5 Star Amazon Review by Jennifer
“This series is going to be amazing I already know just by reading book 1.” ~5 Star Amazon Review by Candy
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I am in my thirties and happily married with three gorgeous boys.
My first love has always been reading, so the writing side is very natural to me. Favourite books include anything by Abbi Glines, but Fallen too Far is a favourite, Pulse & Collide by Gail McHugh and The Driven trilogy by K Bromberg.
Hobbies of mine are playing netball; shopping and I love listening to music. I add it into my writing frequently.
I have released five books, and look forward to introducing my readers to new characters.
I am totally enjoying this rollercoaster of being an Indie author and hoping others enjoy my writing as much as I love writing it.


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