Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Title: Scarred by You
Author:  Laura Carter
Publication Date:  October 24, 2016


Their past will become their future. Their scars will be reopened.

Clark Layton has the world at his feet. He is the CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world and he has a fiancée most men would kill for. Then why, the night before his wedding, is he still thinking about everything he lost when he walked out on Dayna Cross?

Dayna didn’t intend to take the helm of Subsea Petroleum. But events beyond her control left her no choice. And she can handle it, mostly. She can juggle the long hours, the chauvinistic men, and a broken heart. What she can’t deal with is Clark Layton swanning back into her life and threatening to break down her walls.

They are rival CEOs and they are in a dogfight for a lucrative new pipeline. But as truths of their past begin to surface, business won’t be the biggest battle they enter into.



Clark turned my stool and pulled me closer to him, planting a foot next to mine on the rim, his knee pressed against my thigh. I forced my thoughts away from the things that slight touch did to my impatient insides.
Six attempts. If I can’t convince you with any of these, I promise that next time you can choose where we go.”
Next time? Getting ahead of yourself a tad, aren’t you?
He ignored me, focussing on the oysters and selecting a plain-looking one. I definitely wanted a next time. He lifted my chin so my head was angled back slightly. I opened my mouth, waiting. He tipped the oyster shell, and I swallowed the fish in one gulp. Lemon juice ran down my chin. Before I got to it with a napkin, Clark leaned in and sucked the juice from me, slowly, tenderly, in a way that made me totally, completely, utterly wet in my thong.
            He rubbed his own mouth and sucked the citrus from the tip of his finger. “In answer to your question, no. I don’t think I’m getting ahead of myself. You’ve been watching every move I make since we came in here, and if you felt an ounce of what I felt when we kissed last night, I’d say there’ll be another date, and another after that.” He winked, and I thought I might come, right there on my perch.


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About the Author

Laura Carter is the bestselling author of the Vengeful Love series. She was a full time lawyer until the book world grabbed hold of her and never let her go. Now, she is a hybrid author, publishing traditional and indie titles. She writes full time from her beach home in the Caribbean where she lives with her husband and (beautiful) dog. She loves all things romance—the more angsty the better—dry martinis and dark chocolate. 

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