Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Title: Ten Thousand Truths
Series: Ten Thousand #3
Author: Kelli Jean
Genre: Mystery/Thriller Romance
Release Date: October 18, 2016


Horror is Odessa “Opie” Powys’s truth.
One with muddied memories and haunted dreams.
Finding and putting the pieces of her shattered life together is impossible.
Hiding herself and her truth is the only option.

Until the force that is Deo Dahl notices her from across a crowded bar.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Deo pulls the seemingly shy Opie out of her comfort zone, arousing courage inside her to not only face her abhorrent demons, but to also hunt them down.

However, Deo has horrors of his own, evil he’s fought to conquer his whole life. Just as they begin to reveal their truths, Opie’s past returns, turning Deo’s nightmare into a reality he might not survive.





Amazon/Goodreads rating: 5/5
In Patti's Imagination rating: 10/10

If you've been following my reviews of this author's books, you'll see that I've adored every one I've read. They keep getting better. Some of it is that her natural storytelling ability improves with each new book. And some of it is that her worlds, her characters, their emotional journeys, they all suck me into their orbit and keep me there for the duration.

I wanted to be sure I'd read every bit of Deo's and Opie's story before I crafted my review (even though I knew, from the first few pages, that I would likely love it), and boy, am I glad that I did. Despite having read the first two books in this series, I could not have prepared for the emotional thrashing I received with this story. Be warned; just because you've read Ten Thousand Words and Ten Thousand Lies, it does not mean you know what to expect here. In true Kelli Jean fashion, she socks it to the reader at the moment you think you know where you're going, and she turns you upside down. For anyone with triggers, you'll want to be careful with this series. For everyone else - hold on for the ride, because it's well worth the effort, but man, is it a bumpy one.

The teaser bit at the end whetted my appetite, and I'm truly looking forward to more from the LOCAL group. I'll be eagerly awaiting whatever comes next from this author. And I have a new favorite Kelli Jean guy now. I'm a lot in love with Deo Dahl's inner German fat kid and all his wonderful, alpha, bearded, tattooed glory. Sorry Phil. Maybe you'll win me back in the next NOLA's book.

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Born and raised in Miami, Kelli Jean traded the tropical heat for the arctic. Now she deals with twenty-four-hour daylight in the summer, zero sunlight in the winter, and believes the Northern Lights make up for the mind-boggling amount of ice and snow she has to put up with for seven months out of the year. She’s surrounded by mountains and ocean and sheep, and claims her bizarre sense of humor is what keeps her sane.

The insane don’t know they’re insane.

Kelli uses her imagination to create worlds she can escape to from the mundane tasks of everyday life, such as washing the damn dishes and vacuuming up Legos off the floor—and don’t get her started on the mad amount of cat hair on the end of the couch. She gave up on that a long time ago. When the household goes to sleep at night, she writes down everything that happened in her head while doing such tedious chores. But she enjoys living in her own head, so that’s pretty cool.

Technology terrifies her. She can barely turn on a computer, and was completely shocked when she’d actually written a book on one. To this day, she has no explanation for this baffling mystery. It took her three years to realize she can take screen shots of messages and pictures of bearded, tattooed men with her phone. Now that she’s mastered this task, her phone is slowly dying, and she’s nervous that she’s going to have to buy a new one and it will take her another three years to learn how to use it.


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