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by Rachel Van Dyken
Publication Date:  10/04/2016

Jane isn't entirely sure that Cinderella got such a raw deal. Sure, she had a rough start, but didn't she eventually land a prince and a happily-ever-after? Meanwhile, Jane is busy waiting on her demanding, entitled sisters, running her cleaning business, and . . . yep, not a prince in sight. Until a party and a broken shoe incident leave Jane wondering if princes---or at least, a certain deliciously hunky billionaire---maybe do exist.

Except Brock Wellington isn't anyone's dream guy. Hell, a prince would never agree to be auctioned off in marriage to the highest bidder. Or act like an arrogant jerk---even if it was just a façade. Now, as Brock is waiting for the auction chopping block, he figures it's karmic retribution that he's tempted by a sexy, sassy woman he can't have. But while they can't have a fairy-tale ending, maybe they can indulge in a little bit of fantasy . .

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Rachel Van Dyken start of her latest series, The Bachelors of Arizona, begins with The Bachelor Auction where we meet Jane and Brock.  This is Rachel’s version of a modern day Cinderella story that includes her romantic comedy.  You will find yourself not wanting to put the book down wondering what crazy event is going to happen next because if you if think you have it figured out, you will be surprised with what actually happens and only this author can come up with some of the crazy events that take place.  
When Jane and Brock first meets over a broken shoe you know this is not your typical fairy tale.  Of course there are Jane’s two sisters that feel entitled and have Jane doing everything for them along with her running her cleaning business that was once her dad’s.  When Jane is offered an unexpected long term cleaning job, she agrees to take so that she can finally be away from her sisters, she didn’t expect to find her prince.
Brock Wellington doesn’t understand how to tell his grandfather no.  He lives his life doing what his grandfather asks of him.  So when told that he will be auctioned off for a charity fundraiser, he can’t tell his grandfather no.  Still wondering who that girl with the broken shoe was Brock is shocked to find she is the maid cleaning his family’s ranch home.  He is very tempted by Jane but with the auction upcoming and the news saying he will marry the highest bidding woman, he doesn’t see himself having his fairy-tale ending.
It was great how Jane’s sisters resembled Cinderella’s stepsisters and you wanted to reach in and strangle them for the way they would behave or things they would say.  Then add in Brock’s twin brothers and grandfather and you will be laughing at the interactions of the Wellington clan.  Sure there are times when you are pissed at Brock and things he does as he has demons he is dealing with and learning to be able to say no.  There were several times I thought I had what was going to happen at the auction figures out but was surprised.  This was a great fun story to read and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

“Bentley!” Brock barked and shook his head.
“What?” Bentley shrugged then smoothly walked over to Jane and pulled out a box of black high-heeled pumps in a size eight and a half. “Your foot, milady?”
Brock rolled his eyes. “Give it a rest, Bentley. She can put on her own damn shoes.”
Bentley completely ignored him. “I love a woman’s foot.” He grabbed Jane’s broken shoe and tossed it to the side while his hands danced along the arch of her foot. His fingertips danced along her skin. Seduction by foot rub? That was new.
“It’s sexy, the arch.” He leaned over her, his lips parting just enough to give her the impression he was thinking about kissing her. “The curve of a woman’s foot reminds me of her body…see? Sexy.” He slid the shoe on a very terrified looking Jane and stood. “Perfect fit.”
Jane’s mouth opened then closed as a rosy flush crept over her face. “Th-thank you.”
“I bought you my favorite brand.”
Her eyebrows arched. How did he know about Manolo Blahnik? “Oh.” And then she nodded and said loudly, “Ohhhh! That makes sense!”
Bentley’s eyes narrowed. “Me buying women’s shoes?”
“You wearing them,” she explained. “That’s great. I mean, good for you. I’m sorry I’m so awkward at things like this, but it’s good you’re…you know…” She bobbed her head and sputtered. “Out and…comfortable with it.”
“Out?” Bentley repeated. “I’m confused.”
“Of the closet,” she said slowly then saw the scowl on Bentley’s face. “Or maybe you just like to dress like a woman?” She straightened her shoulders and tried again. “In either case, congratulations on your choice to wear women’s clothing!”
Brock about died laughing as Bentley’s horrified expression went from stunned to genuine confusion.
“You heard her.” Brock held his laughter in check. “Congratulations, brother. I’ll take care of the press release: Bachelor Playboy Bentley Wellington and his private women’s shoe collection.”
Bentley let out a strangled laugh. “Yes, and while we’re at it why don’t we remind the press that the clock is ticking on that auction of yours? Hmm?”
“Auction?” Jane asked.
“Don’t.” Brock shook his head. “You don’t want to know.”
“But she probably already does.” Bentley pointed out. “Unless she doesn’t read the news…?”
They both stared at her, waiting for an answer.
“I, uh…” She ducked her head, blushing again. “I read books.”
“How pure.” Bentley smiled and sat down next to her. “And just so we’re clear.” He leaned in as though he was going to kiss her. “My bat only swings one way…and I can assure you, every time I get thrown a pitch, I hit it out of the park.”

Are you ready to Meet Brock Wellington?

 About the Author:

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

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